When your kiddo joins summer Soccer, he needs an outfit! Ottobre to the rescue!

The raglan sleeve shirt is fabulous, but the neckline and arm bands were a bit snug. I will adjust the pattern next time. This is a size 116cm for my almost 5 year old. Ottobre is great,  you know I love them!, but sometimes I just sew without testing and discover the pattern is actually quite large!

The shorts are neat, and they have a woven leg panel (in red) and just one rad pocket on the back. The pattern calls for front pockets but I sewed them together wrong, and in order to fix it I had to recut the front legs. Oops! Luckily, he doesn’t use pockets in soccer!

I used a fusible suede patch I picked up in Portland, a red woven twill, white ribbing and a navy blue jersey. I think they look comfortable and sporty.

Our local Zoo does summer concerts and this year I took him to one. (Yesterday, in fact.) It was a great show, Neko Case, KD Lang,  Laura Viers. Here he is dancing with his best friend. Clearly the outfit is cozy and comfortable!

Pajamas! Pajamas! Pajamas!

It’s my update on my Pajama Sewalong!


I started with some very much needed but also super awesome Super Mario pajamas for my son. He loves Super Mario and we play almost daily. I knew I had to find a way to make him woven pajamas! i found this pullover Ottobre Pattern and altered it a little bit, I came up with this. Here is the neckline in detail, with a bias tape neckline that pulls over the head. The busy pattern hides the front seam.

bird and bicycle sewing pajamas super mario

You can see by his silly grin that he loves them! He wears the pants more often than the shirt, proving my point that somethings aren’t worth it. I am always preaching about clothes that move with the body, knits and panels and elastic and comfort in attire. He backed me up by preferring knit tops, and I am motivated to continue my pursuit of sewing comfortable clothes and ignoring the fun prints in quilting cotton.

super mario pajamas

Next came my standard MellySews Kid’s unisex pajama pattern. It is always too skinny for my kid, so I add width and they fit fantastic. These are the size 5, and I think the pattern goes to 12. I am duplicating another pair I made a couple years ago (see the original here.)

viking pajamas sewn by bird and bicycle pattern by mellysews

My last pair of pajamas are these super awesome teal and gold STAR pajamas. I love them. I added white stripes down the side of the shirt and legs and love their sport look. He is wearing these now, and loves them. The fabric came from europe, and is of higher quality than I can find here in the USA. I think these will quickly be a staple in his pajama wearing.

star pajamas sewn by bird and bicycle

As it is summer, we wear pajamas A LOT.

sewalong bird and bicycle sewing boys pajamas

YAY! Star Pajamas! He loves stars!

bird and bicycle sewing pajamas

Technically, these are my 6 items so I am “done” with my sewalong! I have 8 more weeks, so I may continue to add to my pajama collection! Did you sew anything for this sewalong?!


With temperatures above 75′ I feel like summer is already here! I bought these fabrics intending to make my son a variety of clothes in dark blue and citron. Color doesn’t always speak to me, my own preference being black, grey and denim. However I saw navy and citron in some quilting cotton designs, probably Cotton+Steel, and instantly recognized the beauty.

bird and bicycle boy summer clothes pattern by ottobre designs

This year I was gifted a huge stack of Ottobre Designs magazines, most brand new! I love them! I use these almost exclusively now for children’s patterns. Their sizing is spot on, the designs are great, adding my own seam allowance is also ideal, and I love the simple instructions. It makes sewing a lot easier when you have one page to look at, not multiple illustrations and pages to turn.

Here is the beginning of his summer attire. He is almost 5 years old, and these are a size 116cm. He has some room to grow into them too!

bird and bicycle boy summer clothes pattern by ottobre designs

The stripe navy and white top is simple, and I loved the width of the stripe helping to define easy hem lines. Simplicity itself!

I love the star corduroy, but it is so very thin I fear it will rip after one decent park adventure. Also, the corduroy picks up every piece of lint in my house (which is to say, very many!) and makes it look very dirty after an hour of playing. Cute design, unfortunate textile. Maybe all corduroy’s are like this? I haven’t worn them since the early 90’s (everyone remembers the forest green and maroon corduroys worn overly large right? With body suits?)

My kiddo loved them instantly and asked to wear them right away.

bird and bicycle boy's clothes pattern by ottobre designs

The star rivet on the back pocket was greatly admired, and then he demanded more star rivets and buttons on all his clothes. He has made quite the wish list of clothing items, and I love to indulge. Especially when it also seeks to gratify my own feelings.

Despite loving clothes, he does not like photographs of himself. Indeed he begs me not to be in the photos, but I insist. The joy of being the grownup prevails!

bird and bicycle boy summer clothes pattern by ottobre designs

Further items on his list include a button up with star buttons, a soccer jersey, more pants and, specifically, no shorts. I could muse all day about his preferences, and never get any closer to his truth.

I hope you are all enjoying these warmer days and nights. For now it is almost 8pm, my kid is asleep, and I get to sew again. Ah, the joys of summer.

bird and bicycle boy summer clothes pattern by ottobre designs