It’s hard to sum up a biography about me.

I am near Seattle, WA and ride bikes with my kiddo and husband and anyone who will ride slow and leisurely then fast and hard to push up the next hill. I find life’s balance similar to riding bikes, you use your momentum coming down from a mountain to push you up the next challenge.

I love hand written letters, comments on my blog, and conversations with warm beverages. Let’s be friends.


Update Spring 2014:


My family is the very best of families. My son is a talking walking dancing fellow who delights me and challenges me daily. My husband isn’t much different, except taller and graciously eats and compliments all my cooking – even the ones that are failures. I am lucky, I am blessed, I work for this happiness, and I don’t want to be anywhere else. More bikes, more sewing, more fun.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for making me a contact on Flickr. We are kindred spirits: I make things and ride also! Unfortunately, I don’t craft as much as I’d like to; my time is somewhat limited, and I’ve been riding more than making things lately. Fortunately, it’s warming up in the Pacific Northwest! (I’m in Bend.)

    Love your stuff!

    p.s. (I love that Prairie Gothic fabric, too, and I’m stashing the pink and green spider print until I figure out what I’m making for my daughter with it!)

    • Gosh – thanks for checking out my blog! I love your quilts! I am envious! I use to many exclamation points!

      I am starting my first quilt, and used flickr to search for circle modern quilts, to see if I can figure out what to do. Being self taught gets frustrating, because like you, I am also a perfectionist. Especially if it’s a gift.

      The Spring and being in my second trimester with my first kid is probably why I am grossly over-producing right now. I am almost done with my first modern, no pattern, flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants quilt (started it yesterday) and already have a few more projects lined up and begun. I wish I was riding more…

      Nice to meet you!


  2. Hi thanks so much for stopping by my new blog! I’m so impressed that you’ve got a great looking blog and managing to look after your boy too and make stuff! I’m still trying to get there! I’m spending all my free time making stuff and not much blogging about it. We’re also a family of bikers by the way – the dog comes along too and sits in a basket on the front handlebars. Nice to meet you.

    • My blogging is inconsistent but my sewing is not. Jealous that you get to sew for little girls! Such fun patterns out there! 🙂 looking forward to sewing more of your work!

      – MaLora

  3. Hi there
    Thanks for following my blog It’s The Eagle and Other Bikes I also have a spring Parc one so all my comments are from that for some reason. I love all your makery I haven’t done much sewing since I started my blog but I am starting to feel inspired again. It’s lovely to meet you!!!

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