When your kiddo joins summer Soccer, he needs an outfit! Ottobre to the rescue!

The raglan sleeve shirt is fabulous, but the neckline and arm bands were a bit snug. I will adjust the pattern next time. This is a size 116cm for my almost 5 year old. Ottobre is great,  you know I love them!, but sometimes I just sew without testing and discover the pattern is actually quite large!

The shorts are neat, and they have a woven leg panel (in red) and just one rad pocket on the back. The pattern calls for front pockets but I sewed them together wrong, and in order to fix it I had to recut the front legs. Oops! Luckily, he doesn’t use pockets in soccer!

I used a fusible suede patch I picked up in Portland, a red woven twill, white ribbing and a navy blue jersey. I think they look comfortable and sporty.

Our local Zoo does summer concerts and this year I took him to one. (Yesterday, in fact.) It was a great show, Neko Case, KD Lang,  Laura Viers. Here he is dancing with his best friend. Clearly the outfit is cozy and comfortable!


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