Pajama Sewalong!

I swore up and down to my husband I wasn’t going to do another sewalong but then the pajama sewalong was announced and BAM!, I done changed my mind. It’s a relatively easy one, 6 pajama items sewn by the end of August.

The ease and flexibility won me over, as I am a lazy sewist who likes to dabble in a multitude of projects. This, however, actually works well for me. I could sew them large, and make my kiddo some winter pajamas. I could ahem, sew for myself, and make myself the 1940’s glamour robe I have long dreamed of since seeing Kathryn Hepburn in Adam’s Rib in high school (and again every few years to remind me of the necessity of my feminist ideals.)


So, I ask this of you friends: what are your favorite sewing patterns? Anything glamorous? Anything like a gorgeous satiny silky robe? Anything great with modern fitting for men (not the gigantic sizing with the big 4 patterns)? Any adorable pattern for little guys (size 5t.)

I would love to see any sleep wear you have made, or patterns you like. I may have to dig Pinterest for this and download it to my phone again!


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