Capsule Wardrobe: cycling knickers

I adjusted a pants pattern to make some knickers for cycling. The stretchy fabric was a challenge, especially on vertical seams. I struggled with the zipper installation, and the waistband, and regret not using a stronger fusible interfacing. They came out wearable, and comfortable, and ok. A great practice garment I think.


My precision top stitching is lost among the threads, because black matched too well. Ah maybe next time I will be bold and choose a more vibrant color. You can see there is lots of room for movement in these knickers.


The fabric is a wool blend, clearly with more lycra than was best. When you purchase ready to wear knickers, they are a thin strong poly lycra something or other. The fabric is tough, feels tough, and has mechanical if not actual stretch to them. They have paneling in the seat, presumably for comfort of movement. I want to design/find a pattern that works well to make better cycling pants. I want to have paneling in the seat so I can either add two layers of fabric where you sit on your bike seat, or some other type of strengthening of fabric to that area.


The small grey tag is reflective fabric, just a hint of the purpose of these pants. I made the pockets with some quilting cotton, a blue background with multicolored bike and traffic signs. Also you can see the beautiful texture of thee fabric in the below picture, showing you the pocket bags.


With my extra bits I whipped up a matching pair for my kiddo. While he does love the pants and was very excited to have them, he dislikes sitting still for posed pictures.


He does look so much like his father sometimes it’s shocking. The merino wool v-neck I made him earlier this year looks smart with these pull on summer “shorts.” The pattern is a bermuda shorts pattern from Ottobre, of course.


So far, I am very happy with my capsule wardrobe. My hubs looks good and likes his new clothes, and it’s fun to see him wearing clothes I make. I have until the end of May to finish the capsule wardrobe; only 3 pieces left. Let’s see if I can remain focused!


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