Pins and Needles, stickers too

I love learning new things. It’s in my family blood I think, as I am one of a group of makers. and, as far as I can tell, we are all suckers for instructional videos. The “how it’s made” movies and videos are awesome, and quick bits of information you can easily learn about and be mesmerized by. I recall seeing how pencils and crayons are made in a long movie, I think maybe from Reading Rainbow, as a little girl. I love watching manufacturing. I find solace in process, and recognize repetition in patterns easily. It’s like a preternatural skill, my eye for identifying comparable systems. So when I saw a silly Facebook link to “How Pins are Made” I jumped on it instantly.

Now wasn’t that awesome? So much work, just for needles. Polishing for days! Crazy! So neat! And the hand sorting …. does that really happen?

Well, having watched this video two days ago, I discovered yesterday why the hand sorting is so crucial. Like a negative Kismet moment, or bad karma biting me back, let me show you what happened.

If I recall good sewing advice, it begins with…

“Pull your threads back before you start sewing, making sure the threads are a few inches long.”

“Hand crank the wheel a turn or two before you start the pedal.”

But, you know how it goes. You are pressured for time or rushing or maybe just excited to be making something and you sew. You go and sew. And then you hear or see or feel that terrible scratching crunching breaking sound that your little sweet baby is broken.

Check this.


Crazy right? ONE NEEDLE IS LONGER. OMG. By a fraction, by the tiniest bit of a bit. a hair’s breadth. a minuscule amount. barely. But long enough to scratch up the bobbin holder.

scratched bobbin holders

See those gouges? One needle a smidgen too long.*

So thank you THANK YOU hand sorters! Whomever makes my needles correctly for the past 8 years of regular sewing, I have never had this happen before. Good job. Great job even. 1 needle among hundreds that were perfect. and 1 little jerky needle who decided to be too long.

On a good note, look at the gorgeous stickers my husband had made for me! If you want one, let me know! Send me an email with your physical address!

bird and bicycle stickers



*ok maybe not all the scratches but the giant gouges for sure from just this needle.

** for the disbeliever, these are the same brand of needle just different sizes.


4 thoughts on “Pins and Needles, stickers too

  1. Not only different sizes, but different types too (see the bands on the shafts, that’s a code). Have you asked the manufacturer? Compared the extra long needle to others in the same package? Could be interesting hearing what they said.

    • Yes, I know they are different types. I tried multiple needles in my collection from different packages… Schmetz and singer and a brand that starts with a K I think? It was the only long one. Weird right? But obviously anomalies happen.

      • Definitely weird. I’d still write the manufacturer, though. Because you might not be the only one experiencing this, and there might be a glitch somewhere. Which they actually need customer feedback to discover. Send them a picture and write a an evocative story, and you might just get a box of free needles… 😊

  2. So interesting to find out how things are made and the care that goes into something so small and simple as a needle! Strange about the needle. Let us know if you have any feedback from the manufacturer.

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