Wool Pullover for Bicycling

Biking in the fall and winter in our lovely and beautiful pacific northwest means you need layers. It does rain here, but I find that real rain “proof” clothes like rain slickers or capes are frustrating to commute around in. Wool is great, dries well and keeps well. This pullover works as a top layer, with a neck zipper for extra ventilation. The pattern was Simplicity 1287, and had easy simple lines. In my stash was this gorgeous waffle knit in a grey wool, ridiculously soft, so easy to work with. It was perfect for this project and a stash buster!

As this was a Simplicity pattern, I double checked the finished garment size, and made a mock up. The finished chest size was 46″ on a medium. Crazy! So to fit my tall and slender husband, I cut a medium almost everywhere. I added 1″ to the arms (see the cuff fits perfectly on his wrist!) and blended the shoulder from a medium to the large at the neck collar. I kept the collar a large, and it worked out beautifully I think. The fit seems great, and I will keep this pattern to make him a couple more. Maybe a fleece one with some reflective shoulder pieces? Or some fancy bonded stuff from Seattle Fabrics?

wool pullover by bird and bicycle for commuting by bike

I am not going to say this was an easy project though. The collar was really a bugger. The muslin I made was in an interlock knit with a similar stretch and weight as the wool, and for some reason the collar went in perfectly smooth in that textile. I top-stitched the wool collar at least 4 times, and got really good practice at removing cover-stitch threads. I top-stitched the zipper and then removed those threads as well. I struggled to get the perfect line, and eventually gave in to “good enough.” Luckily that doesn’t show in the final product.

I struggle with my need for perfection.

My husband likes this, and it may prove helpful when we do our camping biking trips this summer. Otherwise, if it’s a hot summer (OMG it’s been 86′ here that is CRAZY and climate change is ruining my cool spring. I hope we fix this problem soon!*) I won’t see him wear this until at least October, which is a bummer because dang…. he looks good in this.

wool pullover by bird and bicycle for commuting by bike

I am getting the sunny itch to sew my kid some adorable spring clothes in citron and navy, so I may take a break from this capsule wardrobe for a week or sew and make some adorable things for my 4 year old. We will see!

If you want to see what other people are sewing in the capsule wardrobe, check out the sew a long Facebook group here (or maybe it’s private, anyway, here it is.)



*wow I really made climate change, the destruction of our planet, and humanity’s awful selfishness sound like no big deal. Recycle, use less, consume less, share more, and stop wasting! Don’t drive – bike!


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