Cycling Capsule Wardrobe 1

I have a love/hate relationship with sew-alongs. I love to sign up, I hate to follow through. something more interesting always comes along, or I get in a rut with a problem I can’t seem to fix, or I just get all teenage angsty and stop being interested. However, I love the deadline that drives me to make, I enjoy the camaraderie and seeing what other people create within the same boundaries, and I enjoy the aspects of having parameters to sew by.

So, this time, once again I signed up for group sewalong where we are sewing capsule wardrobes. I may be bending the rules a little bit, in that really I am sewing 8 items (a few many time over) with the intention for wearing them while bike commuting. Some people are sewing more of a “mix and match” wardrobe. Sewing for my husband is such a delight. It’s easier than sewing for myself, he loves what I make him and is vocally appreciative, he  is hot so that makes my clothing look even better. There are many more reasons, why I love sewing for him. And he needs more bike commuting clothes so it just made sense.

The patterns on my list:

  • Thread Theory Arrowsmith Tank Top
  • Thread Theory Comox Trunks
  • Thread Theory Strathcona Henley
  • Collette Patterns Paxson
  • Thread Theory Jutlands made into shorts and jeans

The patterns on my maybe list:

  • Bootstrap Patterns button up flannel shirt
  • Thick flannel lounging pants
  • wool knickers/cycling calf length pants
  • Simplicity men’s pullover

The deadline is May 31st so we will see what I can get done in time. I am hoping to make some real progress in April, because my birthday is in May I have lots of plans in May. I have most of the supplies needed, at least I think I do. So it is really a matter of getting shit done more than anything else.

And getting shit done it what has been happening over here!

First up are these Comox Trunks. I love these! And my hubs does too, since he is the one wearing them that is what matters most. The grey bamboo knit feels so soft! I made two more, in a petal pink one with a teal waistband and with purple waistband too. The coverstitch eventually behaved well, after a stern talking too. The three thread stitch was awesome, and I may end up using that one more often.

bird and bicycle comox trunks

Second, I made two Arrowsmith tanks. The grey is a merino wool, which was so lucious the bands around the neck and arm is a little too thick for my liking. The bluish grey one is an organic knit, and less stretchy than the wool. Weird. I trimmed it in a black cotton ribbing and it came out much smoother. He was willing to pose in these at least. Ha ha.

thread theory's arrowsmith tank in wool by bird and bicycle

bird and bicycle arrowsmith tank in wool

I ended up cutting the ribbing shorter, so it was more snugly fit around the shoulders. Which you can’t see because my kid insisted on being in the photos too.

bird and bicycle arrow smith tank in organic cotton

I am off to whip up a merino wool t-shirt, and then the Paxson is the softest wool you have ever felt! EVER!

PS: If anyone has am amazing men’s slacks/trousers pattern I can alter for cycling knickers, hit me up. I can’t find one to purchase that is truly a “cycling knickers” pattern (not spandex, padded shorts, but casual attire.) When I road my bike to work, I altered women’s wool slacks into knickers from the thrift store. They make the best cycling pants!


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