Recently I have a few fun makes already shared on Instagram. May I first present the whale dress. This was my intentional wearable muslin, as I practiced the pattern and the techniques. This is a Korean import I purchased a long time ago, waiting for the perfect use. My darling niece loved it so much!

bird and bicycle sewing dress ottobre designs

Secondly, here is the Orphan Annie dress. I made this in a stretch woven. The fabric came from District Fabrics in Fremont, a steal at $5 a yard. The white accents I picked up from Joanns. I lined it with shell fabric for the bodice and a non stretch light weight cream colored mystery fabric from the stash. It was lovely on the darling birthday girl.

bird and bicycle sewing dress ottobre

I learned a great deal making a fully lined woven fabric dress with invisible zippers. Practice makes perfect they say. I still have trouble with zippers and annoyingly I get the best results with hand basting it hand stitching them in. My only complaint about making garments is all the hand work. My left thumb was broken in a bike accident years ago and doesn’t work the best, and my right hand gets tired quickly. I do most work by machine.

Recently, too, I have been involved with family events. I had a two week break where I couldn’t sew. I used this time to purchase some new goodies. Let me share! I rarely pick up such fun and lovely things.

I picked up these two patterns from Nancy’s Sewing Basket. I love the jacket a great deal, and the”easy” label made me snatch up the dress too. My experience with the child’s dress above clearly is giving me a new found hope/love for woven textiles.

bird and bicycle sewing

This fabric came from an unexpected trip to Pendelton Woolen Mills. They are having a crazy sale through March! Their prices are through the roof, but you can feel the quality when you touch their fabrics.

This silk I adore. I bought one yard from sew expo two years ago now, and they had it on clearance for $9/yard. Silk! The color is a seafoam really, with white and pale yellow too. I am thinking a long sleeved blouse. The pattern seems to go one way but I am hoping it will work the other as well. I haven’t sewn silk, so this will be a lovely challenge later this fall.

bird and bicycle sewing

This fabric was brilliant. Pendleton is known for wool. They had 40% off most of their wools. I picked up a coat weight grey, hoping to use it for the coat pattern above. The vibrant flannel is pretty intense, but my son loved it. I can deny him nothing. He will be getting a lovely wool flannel shirt for next fall, for kindergarten. It is a large print, so hopefully he will grow a bit before then!

bird and bicycle sewing

Well, now that my kid is asleep and I can sew, I must be diligent. I am working on the capsule wardrobe for my bicycling husband. In exchange he is designing me a beautiful logo for some woven labels! So fancy! I hope you are all enjoying this winter turned spring and getting some time to enjoy the weather!



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