Catching up… 

She moves in circles, and those circles move.

My life has been so many downs lately it was such a strange experience to have two good days in a row. I feel odd, experimental, tingly. Like nerves awakening from stillness, my heart expands and contracts with tenuous hope.

Sunday, with some reminders/guilt trips, I met up with my sewing pals. It was such fun to just chat and drink a giant margarita and eat flan for lunch and laugh. No worries, nothing serious, just fun. Amy, Niema, Melizza, Gaylen and Carolyn all came. I think I need to see these crazy ladies monthly, to keep myself in check, to remind myself to lighten up, and to learn all the good sewing info. Niema gave me some patterns to try, and I have high hopes for the sleeves peplum top and dress becoming summer attire for me.


Today, my second day of fun, gave me a very pleasant surprise. A friend gifted me some cozy sewing pajamas. They are so soft, and amazing, and pink, and I love them.  (Instagram has photos.) I am so happy! A wonderful friend, a perfect gift. I sip my Bailey’s cocoa and breathe deep. It’s a luxury item, and to feel appreciated is even better than having new pajamas.

Sewing has me backed into promised goals. I dislike having to do much of anything, but I like participating in sewalongs I am making a capsule wardrobe for my husband who bikes a great deal. He didn’t ask, it was my idea. I enjoy sewing for someone else because I feel like the fitting part, which is the hardest part for me, is easier than sewing for myself. But, with 7 more pieces to go and a huge stack of fabric and patterns, I am overwhelmed. I feel pressure when I have too many projects in piles. And do I have piles! Gosh!

fabric piles

I have two pieces done (1 wool and 1 cotton arrowsmith tank ) and have plans for more complicated pieces. I am hosting two sewalongs in May that I need to make in March, but those pieces correlate to my cyclist wardrobe so really I am ok with managing my time. I just need to carve time out for myself, to make and make and make.

My current project is to sew a Little Orphan Annie dress for a beloved 5 year old’s birthday party. I found a close-ish dress pattern in an Ottobre magazine, see below. I think if I just alter the collar, the sleeves, and add a waist sash it should be nearly perfect. I can’t decide if I should line it or not. I sew knits so often, I am nervous about adding a lining.

Ottobre dress pattern

I watched a zipper installation class hoping for some exciting information on installing invisible zippers into a lining but I didn’t find anything new or terribly exciting.

To complete one promise I whipped up some armor for my kid. He is really into Lego Nexo knights and wanted some armor. I actually purchased some of joann’s recent “cosplay fabric” a lovely fake studded silver washed black fabric (it’s actually in the fabric pile picture above in the back) but my kid, my wonderful very specific child, said this plain neoprene knit looked more like this minifigs. I had no pattern and haven’t made shoulder pieces before, but he is happy. So I am mostly happy. The studs I hammered in you can’t see in the photo; they weren’t as big as I would have liked. Hopefully he will enjoy wearing these when he battles. He came up with the shield design, it’s related to the game. I wish I could show you all how adorable he is with his foam sword and his fighting stance.

my first attempt at neoprene armor

I am hoping to be more in touch with you guys, so reach out, or if you have been don’t stop reaching. I can reach back, and I will try.




13 thoughts on “Catching up… 

  1. Well – first let me apologize if I guilted you. Never my intent – but I’m glad you came as I’ve missed your face! Second – always happy to meet up and do something – just sit and giggle 🙂 Third – move the piles to a place where they are easily accessible, but not mocking you with their height and deadlines – that’s what I have to do. Next – I love that you are doing sewalongs and sewing for your man. He’s very luck. One more – you son! You are going to have to chase girls off with a stick – he’s a charmer! Finally – can’t wait to see you rockin’ both the sleeveless top and the dress. g

  2. His armor is so awesome. You make his the best stuff! And I’m totally not against meeting monthly 😊. But I’d like our coffee/tea chats to become a regular things too. You’re great company chica!

  3. Ooh! I want to see some of the bike clothes. I learned how to sew knits by making jerseys for my kids. I used the Jalie pattern. You can check them out on my IG account FlamingoQuilting

    • Oh thank you! I will post all of the bike clothes later I think, or at least 1 outfit at a time. I am sewing slowly … the deadline is May 31. I should let you know that my husband wants to bike in casual attire. I have made him the Green Pepper Patterns Jersey and love it though!

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