Colors in Jars 2

The rainbow continues today with food in jars, colors Green Blue Purple Pink (isn’t that the way the rainbow goes? roygbiv?)


Green Tomato Salsa

green salsa canned by bird and bicycle

This green tomato salsa recipe was a god send. I had so many tomatoes that didn’t turn red. Pounds and pounds. The sun was burning my tomato plants up, roots first. I was lucky to be able to use the green ones and make this amazing salsa. It is great and tastes very fresh, like a pico de gallo, more than a salsa. My family eats lots and lots of salsa. LOTS. This one is very good!


Blueberry Jam

blueberry jam canned by bird and bicycle

Blueberry jam – I felt like trying it. I was underwhelmed. It was ok I guess. Great texture, but it hasn’t wowed me yet. Do you have a great blueberry recipe? Blueberry needs to impress me if it wants to retain a place in my cupboard.


Cranberry Preserves

cranberry preserves by bird and bicycle
First off, these babies look way more purple in real life. Second, would go well on a sandwich, with potatoes, or with a soft cheese on a cracker. They have a versatility that shouldn’t keep them only as a thanksgiving sauce. Cranberries are sweet and tart, chunky and brilliant in color. I want to see more cranberry dishes out there people!


Persimmon Jam

Persimmon and cranberry jam by bird and bicycle

My phone camera (my only camera) can not capture the delicate pink of this persimmon cranberry jam. Fuyu persimmons have such a deliciously sweet flavor, very light and very sweet. I mixed them with the tartness of cranberries and have a very unique jam. It rounds up on a spoon but has texture to it from the flesh of the persimmons. The cranberry adds pectin and a bit of tart, balancing the heavy sweetness of the fuyu. I love this one so much, my kid dislikes it a great deal and my husband tolerates it.  Persimmons are not for everyone I guess. The color is a soft dainty pink with the dark red cranberry seeds throughout. Very lovely.


So what do you do with a pantry full of preserved fruits? Well, you eat a lot!

bird and bicycle canning food

Here is some roasted maple walnut granola (be careful, walnuts can be bitter!) that I just made up. I don’t follow recipes for granola at all. I just mix it in, roast it, and eat it up.

bird and bicycle canning food

Here is the honey roasted nectarine compote spooned into a bowl. It’s mid winter right now, and this smells like August. The honey and the roasting, the peels left on, this compote is thick and sweet and juicy.

bird and bicycle canning food

and so delicious mixed with your favorite yogurt!


2 thoughts on “Colors in Jars 2

  1. This puts a whole new spin on canning. Those all look marvelous. I had scores of green tomatoes last fall but I didn’t think of green salsa. What recipe did you use?

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