Sewing in this New Year

My sewing year has started off with a bang! I wasn’t able to sew the month of December, and when January hit I jumped head first into a promise I had made to my kid for some pajamas in fabrics he choose. Trust a four year old child to pick dragons and power rangers.

The How To Train a Dragon fabric is from Funkulicious, the Facebook fabric group. Their fabrics are expensive and not necessarily worth the cost for quality, so I bought their “seconds” which had minor print runs. I never found the print error, score!

Knit Pajamas by Bird and Bicycle

The pattern is the knit pajamas from Melly Sews, and I did his usual adjustments (add 1″ to the back rise of the pants and add 6/8″ to the width in the shirt.) I think the pattern and all her patterns run slim. I like to add as much room as possible to give my kid freedom of movement. I had to color-block the shoulders with some scrap Laguna knit because he is so big I can’t use 1 yard cuts to make him an outfit anymore! Those kids just keep growing!

knit pajamas pattern by melly sews made by bird and bicycle

My other promised pajamas are the Melly Sews Holiday Pajama pattern. I both love and hate this pattern. The piping is a fun addition and really makes the pajamas look professional. I love buttons and snaps. I dislike her decreasing the size through the chest (slim fit I suppose) and the shoulders are very square. I reshaped them but not as smoothly as I would have liked. I hope to never make this pattern again.

holiday pajamas by bird and bicycle

Dang it I made another one.

holiday pajamas in avengers flannel by bird and bicycle

My other recent make is using some thick and soft knit I was gifted from GMarieSews,  I made him a cowl neck pullover. I had to use three pieces to get the hem band complete, but it works ok. It’s a little bulky around the seams, but that reminds me of those big fisherman sweaters you see.

cowl neck pullover by bird and bicycle

My customer was very happy and calls it his “armor” – we use this for family walks in our cool winters. My upsizing means he can hopefully wear this into next fall!

bird and bicycle

Below are two quick shirts I made from my always loved and appreciated Ottobre Designs. Their patterns are top notch and their designs are fun and unique. The green is actually some athletic knit from Joann’s and the bottom is from my Funkalicious order. I really like the small cuff bands on this design, and am going to start doing that to most of my kid’s clothes.

ottobre designs by bird and bicycle

ottobre designs by bird and bicycle

I have been sewing so much you have probably seen all these on Instagram. I am terrible at waiting to post things on my blog – the “insta” part of Instagram is just too satisfying.

Up next will be all my makes for my darling niece – stay tuned!



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