Does this count as pattern drafting?

What does my little guy love? Superheroes. What inspires me most to sew? My little guy. So when he asks for costumes, I make it happen. I wanted them to be comfortable, easy to wear, and useful. Often the costumes you purchase are thin nylon or polyester, hot and not breathable, and not made to last. (Can we say that about all ready to wear clothes?) I took his dream of being Ironman and made it work for me, too. Pajamas!

Using a simple knit pajamas pattern I cut and redrew them into costumes. Some shapes were fused and appliquéd and some were color blocked. I tried to be true to outfit of the superhero, without having it be lycra-tight.

Iron Man pajamas in progress Bird and Bicycle

I used JoAnn’s cheap jersey and interlock, and using coupons I think I spent less than $20 on all my supplies for the three costumes. Ironman was the easiest to make, as it was all 90′ angles and one circle for his glowing chest. Ironman is his favorite, but there is no decent “gold” fabric that isn’t metallic. I want me kid to be comfortable, sleep in them, wear them all the time, so jersey it is.

Ironman Pajamas by Bird and Bicycle

Rulers are my favorite tool (after scissors.) I used a ruler and the angles on my cutting mat to make the perfect star for Captain America. I was quick and sloppy about my topstitching but luckily my 4 year old doesn’t care.

Capt America Pajams bird and bicycle

Fusing Knit Fabrics bird and bicycle

As you can see, the star and the red torso stripes are appliquéd onto the main shirt. The sleeves and “boots” of the legs are not. The fusible interfacing made it ridiculously easy, with a zigzag stitch and easy on the tension.

Captain America Pajamas by bird and bicycle

Finally my absolute favorite (maybe because Logan/Wolverine has been my crush since I was in 7th grade?) are the wolverine pajamas. I even managed to get the V points of the “boot” on the lower legs. This costume was the most challenging and the most rewarding. Logan has gone through MANY costume variations, but I went with the classic one from the 90’s. The neckline is a complete disaster, because I used the interlock for the neckline. DO NOT USE INTERLOCK FOR NECKLINES.

wolverine by bird and bicycle

My sneaky secret is that I actually made these all in April and May of this year, but he is still wearing them all! The wolverine photo was taken last night, and you can see his happy face! I love using my skills to make others happy! I think this is my first foray into pattern drafting, but maybe it’s just color blocking an existing pattern? I don’t know the technical terms. I just make awesome shit.

I hope you are all enjoying your Fall sewing! Kid’s Clothing Week is starting soon (or did it already start?) and the HOODIE SEW ALONG with Kelly (which I am overly excited for!)

PS: Do you feel an odd awareness when you curse through typing, or is that just me?


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