Jalie Hoodie Sew-a-long with Kelly!


I love this pattern from Jalie, and I am excited to have a reason to pull it to the front of my sewing cue.

My plan is to use some simple and affordable fleece or thick knit, making sure I get the hoodie fit to perfection! Then, I will treat myself to some awesome outer wear thick fabric from Seattle Fabrics. Gosh how I love that store! I also plan to add some small reflective detailing. Safety first, as they say. I hear the hoodie is rather slim fit, and I am curvy, but I have high hopes I can make it work for biking this fall.

Want to join along too? You have plenty of time! Sewing starts October 1st! Check out the link above to learn more!


4 thoughts on “Jalie Hoodie Sew-a-long with Kelly!

    • Sweet! Join along! I will look for your posts. I just read your blog the other day to discover you are local I think, yes? In Seattle? I was confused by your “job description” and was curious as to what you do at things like “mystical conventions”? I meant to email you and find it kismet that you commented here.

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