More and More Bags

Spring is in the air, and the inexplicable sunshine in Seattle has had me so joyful it’s wonderful. Or maybe it’s the Starbucks gift card I was given and all those soy chai’s spiking my caffeine levels…


A little show and tell. I have long been savouring this quilting fabric line. Bridges and water, I grew up on a Harbor. Grays Harbor. It’s not a magical place, in fact it’s probably defined as impoverished and polluted, but it was home. I love the water, the tug boats, the bridges, the vanilla smell from the factory then the pulp smell of wood… cherry blossoms lined certain streets too. They said it was from train workers a hundred years ago that planted them there. The blossoms would fall so thick it was like snow under your feet.

So I made a quick little bag or two, just to test my quilting skills. A draw string bag has so many uses!



The SF101 has such a lovely quality for fused interfacing, especially from Pellon. Only buy it when on sale, and you can get a yard for a dollar or so! It works for clothing waistbands just as well as bags. Someday I should just buy the bolt.


I made a tall tote bag, excellent for knitting needle projects, for a friend who is moving away. I am already sad to see her go, and she hasn’t even left yet. It isn’t really meant for carrying on the shoulder, just a bag for your half finished knitted hats or scarves or whatever you crafty knitters do make. I hope she likes it! She is also from my hometown, and will understand the connection to the fabric pattern I think.



The “inside of the bag” shot is impossible to take. When someone figures this out I hope they tell the rest of us bag makers! You want to share your perfect lining, but you just can’t share it in photos. You should all just come visit me and admire it.


Ok. This has been a fun adventure into bag making for a couple weeks!


But my giant pile of patterns calls to me! I don’t know what to do first! Another Lady Skater for a fun dress or maybe try the Lola sweater dress or maybe the Espresso leggings AND a Lady Skater? My Archer is giving me the eye but I keep bashfully looking the other way…



9 thoughts on “More and More Bags

  1. Beautiful bag inside and out. I love my Lolas and wear them all the time with my Espressos. Espresso is probably one of my most worn versatile makes if that helps the decision making process.

  2. Awe, you are so sweet! Made me cry with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I was taking a break knitting last night when I read your blog.

    Sent from Crystal Gregory


  3. What lovely fabric and nice tall knitting project bags! I was starting a new knitting project last night and thought I could use a new project bag. I have such a bad tendency to start more knitting projects than I finish so my project bags sit around with half finished knitting projects in them.

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