A few years ago my husband designed a logo for me, so that I could make labels for the bags I had every intention of making into a business. Then, I realized, I don’t want to be a business owner! It doesn’t suit my personality nor career dreams. Sewing is my relaxing fun time, not my focus and making money times. I think it takes an entrepreneur spirit, and an emotional balance to create for others that I lack. However, I got a fabulous logo and used Spoonflower to get a yard of labels in a variety of colors and sized. My baby lock stitch #12 is an adorable appliqué stitch and works perfectly.


In my recent sewing studio re-org, I found the scraps of labels and decided to put them to use! I fused the double sided paper backed interfacing to the entire yard, and then cut them all up so I could just grab a label whenever I wanted one. Part of the fabric faded horribly, as some others have also experienced with Spoonflower, and some did not. But, I love them, and plan to use them on clothing whenever possible too.


The labels even adhered well to some wood tags!


I have been focusing on making clothing for so long, I found the excuse of Valentine’s Day to create some simple but sweet bags. I have made so many I don’t even bother with patterns anymore. The imported zipper below is just darling! I love how I lined up the zig zags.


The below bag I sent to my dear friend. The flower and snowflake fabric seemed perfect for February!


I always try to decorate the inside too!


Gratuitous perfect zipper installation shot.


This little coin purse IS a tutorial by the lovely and talented Dog Under My Desk patterns. My mother was very appreciative as she had just asked for a coin purse and this should do nicely. It is a little thick, however. Maybe next time I will just use a sew in Pellon 50 or something thinner than whatever fleece scrap I used as batting.


I made this one backwards, probably because I got all cocky about how awesome of a sewist I am that I don’t need patterns or tutorials. And of course, soon as you brag you mess up. Kismet! Karma! Whatever… maybe I will find a lefty who needs a nice coin purse.


When you stray from your normal sewing, what is it that brings you back to center? Or do you ever stray? There seems to be a division between “garment sewing” and “quilting” and a whole new modern collection of sewists who sew everything in between. What do you tell people? When I say I make clothes, I feel like I am leaving out all the other fun things I enjoy making like tree skirts, toys, bags and the like. However I can’t ignore that I love sewing knits more than anything else in the world. What do you label to tell people when they ask what you make? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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