My Studio

Where do you get to create? I know depending on your craft, you may need little or no space at all. This is just not true with sewing. With sewing clothes in particular, it seems you need a gigantic space that is permanently dedicated to sewing. Some quilters or crafters may need less space, especially if you stitch by hand regularly, or maybe you just sew things like bags and don’t need a work table. The more I sew, the more I realized I needed space. My roommate and partner and husband has always been generous, ensuring I have space for sewing. In the three homes we have shared together, I have been fortunate to get the spare second bedroom to turn into a sewing studio. When we had our wonderful son, we moved into a three bedroom for a few reasons, but one was so that I could have a space to sew. Last July we moved again, into a smaller house with only two bedrooms. This means my husband and I co-sleep with a giant 3 year old who is as tall as he is heavy, who also sleeps sideways. We make sacrifices for the things we love, and my son and husband are very generous to give me the space I need to sew, and hide, and breathe, and create.

We struggle with finances, as many do, and I was recently gifted two amazing things to improve my studio! One giant table from a stranger and one dressform from a dear friend who moved to California. These items meant I got to rearrange my space, and create a move functionable workroom. I am ridiculously excited and wish I had someone local to come look at it and just “ooohhh” and ” awe” at it with me over roiboos tea and scones.

Here is a virtual tour, enjoy!

Here is my new table, which can hold all my machines! Babylock lover for sure! And my new dressform! YAY! (The fabric banner says ” A Room of One’s Own.”)


My awesome thread rack and Nikki McClure prints from my sister.


My vintage telephone table. The honest part is that I covered the leopard print seat with my projects that I have to do before I get to “rest” – lucky for me it’s mostly hems, buttons, and a few fix it jobs for friends!


My cutting table, formally my only work table. Which doesn’t even hold a shirt unless it was folded in half. This will now be primarily a cutting space! No more ironing on my cutting mat!


This is my semi-organized stash. The white wooden box my father made me when I was so young, I must have been under 4 years old. The green heart box is from my grandfather. The nest and bird track hoop is from my niece, and the bird on a branch from a dear friend. I do like knickknacks, but I like them to have meaning.


The best part is my old machine table is now a real work space! I couldn’t be more excited about this! I can walk easily around it, and it’s about 5 feet long so it will hold a whole shirt, or pants even! No more working in parts, no more working on the floor! I anticipate much happiness when I tape together my next pdf pattern, or when I trace more ottobre patterns! It’s not this dark, but with my windows being so full of daylight it was hard to photograph.


This intimidating pile is the patterns I want to sew (or sew again) this year. OMG. So huge! The pile of fabric behind it are muslin’s to be completed, or RTW clothes to trace patterns. I should probably add those to my “do not rest until these are done” pile on my chair above.


And last but not least, Boba Fett always has my back.


Well, thank you for looking. It’s nice to be able to share with my online friends! I know you guys appreciate a clean, organized space for your crafting!

PS: if you want to see my old room you can look here at my sewing goals: old sewing studio


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