Comino Cap Top

I have yet to make the actual dress from the Comino Cap pattern, because the top is just so dang cute. It’s probably the most flattering garment I have made (except for maybe the Tiramisu Dress, always a winner.) It’s very quick to stitch up with no sleeves and just bindings for the finish.

Comino Cap Top by bird and bicycle

My coverstitch really hated this fancy layered fabric, and my sewing machine made it ripple a little around the neckline. Sometimes I may over do it a little bit with my love of top stitching. I should learn some tiny hand stitches to keep the neckline flat without topstitching. Anyone have good ideas?

Comino Cap Top by bird and bicycle

This fabric is surprisingly awesome. The mesh over the bold pattern makes me happy. Are you every surprised by what fabric you purchase? I am trying my best to swear off purchasing fashion fabrics online anymore. It’s cheaper I know, and a better selection, but I am often disappointed in color or texture, which you just can’t tell from purchasing fabric online. How do you guys deal with this?

It’s so tricky for me to visualize fabric on the body, especially patterns. What colors and fabrics and textures attract my eye, ironically I do not enjoy wearing. I first began sewing, as so many do, with quilting cottons. The bold colors and designs are a delight to have around you, I see why so many people make clothes from them. I just prefer to wear dark colors. The other day my 3 year old asked me if my favorite color was black. When I asked why he thought do, he said because I always wear it. So maybe I should expand my style to include colors?

Comino Cap Top by bird and bicycle

Thanks for reading as always. I know this has been a bit of show and tell lately, and I appreciate the feedback! You can see how pink my cheeks are from the cold. It’s not snowing in Seattle but the wind can be pretty chilly! This is definitely a summer top! Hope you are all snuggly warm, enjoying the last bit of winter (or summer, you international globe trotters!)


14 thoughts on “Comino Cap Top

  1. Looks great! I love that fabric! I am having similar issues with buying fabric online, it’s kind of hit and miss, but the selection is just so much better and my eye is getting better with more experience.

  2. Ooh I like it! Fun stuff!
    Online shopping is difficult for the reasons you mentioned but I don’t know what else to do since I live in the boonies.
    I think finding what we like to wear takes a conscious realistic mindset for what we Actually love to wear. Then the perseverance to stick to it! 🙂

  3. I love shopping online for fabric, but usually sit on a buy most of the time. If I still want it in a week, then I’ll get it. I’m happy 80% of the time. Other times they go into the stash til I can find a use. I’m almost always disappointed with knits though. I just don’t know how to buy them. I also have 3-4 places I shop from online. Most of my disappointments come from straying from my fave places.

      • My three favorite:,, and Best would be Emma and Gorgeous, but Marcy (though pricier, especially shipping) has beautiful linens.

        Again, I’m better with wovens – I understand those fabrics better (especially linen, silk and wool).

        I’m about to order from for fabric for the first time (they are expensive); ordered buttons and trims in the past and loved them.

        Mood is more hit or miss.

        I live in a fabric store free area (really, except JoAnn), so unless I drive a couple of hours south to Tampa or north to Atlanta, I take my chances. I also change my mind on what to use fabric for regularly – before I get around to making things.

  4. I think your fabric is very pretty! I have used with success. I got a white with blue flowers on it, a knit, from there and it almost glows, it is so white, not shining, but white. It was better in person than on the computer monitor. I do read over their descriptions and fabric contents probably a 100 times though before I take the plunge. It is nerve wracking!

  5. Another really great top! I saw some of this fabric in person when I was working at Fabrique – it’s really cool! Pretty colors on you!

    You might be able to fix some of the rippling problem if you stitch with some tissue paper on top of your fabric and then just tear it off after sewing. The fabric might have been sticking a little to the presser foot.

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