Birthday Gifts – vinyl cosmetic bags

I am lucky to be blessed with many nieces and sisters in law. My husband has an extremely large family. While I am one of five kids, I think he is one of thirty or so. My youngest sister in law just turned 11, and one turned 20 and a niece turned 15 all in one week. Since money is tight, I dug in my stash and found sparkly pink vinyl and some echino linen. Here is what I made.


I think it came out quite lovely! I was so pleased that I ended up making four of them (one for me, of course.)



I made the last one in a lovely teal turquoise color, because not all girls are into hot pink. It was my favorite in the end, despite being in love with the sparkle vinyl. You can get yourself some fun, sparkly vinyl from my favorite place to shop: Seattle Fabrics.


I didn’t use a pattern or line the bags, as the vinyl is thick enough and mostly waterproof. I just cut rectangles accurately and after some careful placement, decided on showing off the full zipper width. I did not bend or double vinyl along the zipper edge, but I did do two or three rows of stitching to really hold it in place. I also double stitched and zigzagged the edges of the seams inside the bags for stability. I am hoping the girls can use them for fun things when we all go to Disneyland in a couple weeks. Even 11 year olds have cosmetic needs!

The girls seemed to like them, or were taught polite manners so I couldn’t tell if they didn’t like them. It’s so hard to make stuff for people you want to impress and surprise! Maybe next time I will just ask them to come visit my sewing studio and pick out fabrics themselves. That would be less stressful and more fun!

Sadly, it all ended in a bit of disaster. My machine bent a needle and now the feed dogs won’t move up or down. Something is really broken and while I do all my own regular oiling and cleaning, I may need some new parts. My poor little brother! I have the crafters choice brother, a great machine around $600 new. I have had her five years, and now I need to get her a proper mechanic. We can’t afford to fix her just now, so I will be serging all my makes for a few weeks.

How do you  care for your machines? Self maintenance or a sewing dealer or mechanic shop? Anyone have good places to recommend in the Seattle area? I can’t wait to get her fixed and back to stitching!


4 thoughts on “Birthday Gifts – vinyl cosmetic bags

  1. Those bags turned out cute that’s a great gift from a great Aunt. My favorite birthday of all time is still my 30th, that was so special.

    • Well, I have been working on it so it functions but I am sure I need a new part, a new bobbin holder. I am hoping to find a good mechanic who will sell me the part and maybe give me some information on self maintenance. =) You have to hope people are good !

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