Sewing Goals 2015

Setting sewing goals always seems like a good idea. I do love lists. Just making a list makes me feel accomplished, organized, productive. However, as I was commenting on Crafting a Rainbow‘s blog just now, I realized I only set goals to push myself to accomplish things I wouldn’t normally do. This makes me want to seek out a better word, like “sewing dreams” or aspirations, sewing adventures! or sewing challenges. There is power in words, and I want to convey the hardship it takes to push one to overcome challenges and accomplish a project, a task, a goal, a desire. There is desire in it. I do want to have a lovely handmade pair of well-fitting jeans. I really do. But the arduous journey to get to that perfect fit scares me a little, gives me a bit of anxiety over the cost of supplies and arranging the time and getting assistance with fit. It is hard work to make dreams come true. A large part of me is practical. Very practical. I like to do what is right, before I like to do what I want to do. This means, I shop my stash. My stash may not have the fabric necessary for me to accomplish my sewing dreams/goals/pursuits. So does this mean I should shop only my stash and accomplish projects of which I already have all the necessities? Yes, my heart squirms under my brain’s ferocious gaze. YES.


Then my arduous little memory steps in and reminds me that in July when I moved, I zip-locked patterns and fabric together creating “projects” to accomplish first. This organization actually did help, and I have completed around 15 projects, but have at least 15 more to go. I also have three quilts in various stages of progress. I have one pattern on my cutting table all traced, but no suitable fabric for it. I have fabric I don’t want, but can’t seem to sell, and am not sure if it’s a good idea to donate it because what if someday I need it for a muslin or I change my mind and like it one day? Ugh. One day.


Somehow when I started this I really believed this post would be happy and progressive and wonderful to read and write. Alas, I fear it is a bit more self serving in the end. More navel gazing and organizing my thoughts than sharing helpful or fun information. So, things I will do because my heart know’s what it wants:

  1. I will sew more knits, likely dresses and leggings.
  2. I will sew my son more clothes, likely Ottobre patterns because they never fail me.
  3. I will sew my husband some more jeans and shirts from Thread Theory, because they are simply the best.
  4. I will shop my stash. I am broke, and not a dunce, and I do like most of my fabrics.

Then we must address the things I have been avoiding (for a couple of years):

  1. Woven dresses, skirts, shirts anything woven for myself. UGH. This connects to body image issues, fit issues, the challenge of fitting yourself alone in the night in your sewing studio with sharps in your mouth and hands and poking your tender flesh and you struggle to pin, fit, take of garment, pin fit and repeat. Ouchie.
  2. My Ziggi motorcycle jacket. It’s been in a muslin stage for almost a year now.
  3. Jeans for myself. I must admit I am getting closer to this one. I started sewing jeans first for my son, then my husband. I have the potential and hopes and desire to make myself a pair of jeans this year. I have a pair of Colette Clovers in muslin stage, and the Thurlow Pants pattern from Sewaholic. I have a McCalls pair of loose mid calf length trousers partially traced and cut, too, for biking, that I am sure is at least three years old in the making. The guilt!

To keep these two parts of me aligned, working together, in good company I must make them agree. What the heart wants, what the brain knows.


And, first and foremost, I am rearranging my sewing room. My poor kid doesn’t get a bedroom because I took it for my sewing studio. It’s cramped. It’s tiny. It’s cramped and tiny. I like clean spaces. I am on the hunt for the perfect, long and skinny, very sturdy sewing table. Not a work table, a short heavy desk to line up my serger and coverstitch and sewing machines on. I am tempted to make one, so if you have a good DIY project for sewing desks let me know! I would love help! And all year (16 days!) I have been daydreaming about fun quilting cottons. All the wonderful patterns and lux colors. So gorgeous, so fun. And just impossible to wear. I just can’t wear quilting cottons. I wish better fashion fabric companies would hire better designers. Especially now, when fun animals and child-imaginative prints are so in fashion! So what will you do this new year? How to you recompense your dreams and your abilities?


Best of luck in 2015 for your own resolutions. I hope we all have the endurance to accomplish our dreams!


6 thoughts on “Sewing Goals 2015

  1. I struggle with the mind/heart wanting different things too… Like, I have fabric that is nice that I don’t use because I’m just never excited about the practical project I have planned… but I won’t take a risk with my “good” fabric! Or I get obsessed with something (like pants) and “need” heaps of fabric that just isn’t in my stash. I’m got tons of quilting cotton too that I won’t get rid of for the same reason. I guess what I’m saying is: I’m with ya. And maybe what we’re doing now is good enough?? Do we NEED goals to keep pushing towards?

    • I don’t know. What motivates one does not motivate the other. (You/me, heart/brain.) In theory I love deadlines but I don’t meet them in my personal life. I meet deadlines for other people.

      This is where I think truly successful people win. They keep their own deadlines, meet their own schedules.

      I am all too flexible. And it seems ok, especially with family obligations. But maybe my personal self would be happier if I was more productive? 🙂

  2. You have some good goals here. You can conquer the jeans. They hardest part is the fitting. I say that, but I still struggle with fitting like crazy! My Ziggi is still in the muslin stage, too. We started them at about the same time. Maybe we will finish them at the same time, too!
    I got rid of a lot of fabric several years ago. I pared it down to the stuff I really loved at the time (which was still a ton). I haven’t missed any of it. I do have plenty of fabric that I don’t love anymore, but did then. I use it for muslin occasionally. I do appreciate having some of it around. It’s such a touch call, though.

  3. I am so far behind on blog reading – just now getting to this one!

    Your goals are good and very achievable. No guilt – just have fun!

    Many years ago, my husband and I build a sewing table for my machines using a long laminated shelf. We bought some of the “craft” wood at Home Depot or Lowe’s that comes in pre-cut square lengths for legs. We attached a wooden board frame on the underside of the shelve with L-brackets and screws and then attached 6 legs in the corners and midpoints. (It was almost exactly the same size as the IKEA unit I upgraded to a few years ago because I wanted drawers.) It served me well for a long time – perhaps that is what you are looking for.

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