Stretch & Sew

The new year and suddenly, after a couple months of hiatus, I am sewing! Almost every other day, I have made the time to sew or trace or fit. It’s not a lot, and only a small amount at a time, but it feels so damn good to make things again.

Truth be told, I am mostly stitching up things I had prepped before my husband’s birthday, in early November. And one of those items was this new pattern. It’s a vintage Stretch & Sew Ladies’ Yoked Nightgown. Don’t you just love the soft tendrils of hair? The illustration reminds me of my favorite Disney movie, Sleepy Beauty. It’s in odd contrast to the thick black lined stick figure who might be the seamstress or the teacher ? I can’t tell what roll she plays in this vintage diagram, but I do love this pattern.


When we moved last summer, I knew my sweet vintage house would be drafty. I had no idea it would be so very, very cold. The walls are cold to the touch, lacking any insulation, and my foam pillow at night turns to solid and hard with the cold if it happens to touch the wall, which is frequently does. I had good intentions of building a headboard, but lately I have many good intentions and not enough good actions.

I cut it out from a semi sheer slubbed knit. I know I bought this online, as I don’t buy sheer or semi sheer knit in person ever. I just prefer opaque clothes, personally. Or mostly opaque. The pajamas fit so perfect with some slight alteration to the yoke that I was almost brave enough to model them for you, but chickened out at the last moment. The heavenly light in my sewing studio is gorgeous to me, but not so easy to sew by.


I used stash lingerie elastic which have a crimped like sheer black lace edge. The pattern calls for bias binding on the arms, but I just served, folded it over, and attached the elastic to the top. It came out perfect. I am most pleased with this creation, and with some toasty fleece leggings may even get a chance to wear it lounging around my chilly house.


I don’t know that I will make many more of these unless I get some fancy, fun tricot or something more lady like if you know what I mean. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.


I just serged the bottom edge, not even a rolled hem just serged it. Lazy is as lazy does.

Most of my evenings have been spent rewatching the entire Harry Potter Series. We are now on the last two movies, and I am eager in hopes that our kid will sleep easy, and we can stay up and watch movies and eat yummy snacks like salted popcorn with coconut oil. When I was little, I swore my mom stayed up late to have fun. She was a single mother for some years and worked all my life it seems, from my memory. So it seems doubtful that she had many late nights. I recall once, I was in elementary school still, I woke up or stayed up past bed time and had some excuse to go downstairs because I could hear her and my stepfather talking. I crept down our creaky old wooden stairs, through the kitchen, into the living room and they were doing just what I knew that all adults did! Eating ice-cream in huge bowls and watching grown up tv! I was so jealous and angry and desperate to be allowed to join them but my parents were suspect that I would wake up my other 4 siblings and their “date night at home” would be ruined. Ha. I was sent upstairs again, rapidly, with threats if I came back downstairs.

I bet it was rocky road. My mom loves rocky road ice-cream.

And now, a couple decades later, I am just hoping and praying my own child will rest well so I can stay up late, enjoying my husband and ridiculous movies and snacks, this alone time so vital to our partnership and to my peace. I wonder if we have any ice-cream …. huh….


5 thoughts on “Stretch & Sew

  1. What a nice memory of your mom! Well, probably not so nice at the time, but lovely to look back and feel that comraderie. I love your nightgown, and to finish it with elastic is just brilliant! So glad you are sewing again – its so important for mental health and happiness, amiright? 🙂

    • It’s funny how things don’t change. I seriously think even a those and years ago adults stayed up, sent the kids to sleep, and talked or watched the stars or just hung out together eating whatever they could. 🙂

      And yay for sewing!

  2. Glad your hiatus is over! Love reading your posts. And, yes, with a little one myself, I know what you mean about the chance just to have ‘date’ night at home with the hubby!

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