Happy New Year!

You may have seen this already, as I tend to share my makes on twitter and instragram frequently, but I am very proud of this quick tree skirt I whipped up. I rarely appliqué or quilt, and found it to be easy because I choose to ignore perfection and focus on fun. And who doesn’t love Elf? I am pretty sure it’s my favorite holiday movie. You can make one too, so easily! Check out A Little Gray tutorial here. I made the center hole for the tree much larger, to fit around my tree holder better, so I suggest measuring that first to get your base correct. Otherwise, it’s simply fabulous.



Arctic Puffin is not a penguin.

“Bye Buddy! Hope you find your Dad!” – Mr. Narwhal


I have been in a sewing funk for a month or so. In early November, I sewed my butt off making my husband three shirts for his birthday. Two reflective, sweat wicking awesome cycling shirts and one a color blocked wool sweater. I forgot to blog them, and now it’s too cold for him to wear them. Then I struggled with the Bronte top and the Bonnie sweater, and while eventually I felt I had perfected the fit after three or four muslins, I now feel I need to start over. I learned a lot, working on figuring out sway back and petite shoulder adjustments. I guess I get frustrated because I do often seek a perfect fit, and I just can’t seem to get it with some patterns. Not every pattern is made for every shape I know, but I love me some sweaters. I will struggle again with the Bonnie, just not right now.

I have been enjoying my family and doing many other wonderful projects. I painted and handmade ornaments which I was lucky to be able to afford to mail to some sewing pals. I made lavender sachets from lavender I grew and harvested. I baked my head off, making ninja cookies for my Ninjago loving son. I spent energy making Christmas a magical experience, and my son found himself very lucky to have family around so much and we had many great adventures together this December. I love my boys, my husband and son. But I needed some time for me, so Monday I downloaded a new audio book I have been on the wait list forever from the library, and started and finished two Lady Skaters from some stash fabric. I do like making the same pattern a few times. It’s easy production to do the same thing twice, and even better when you get to use the same thread.

The first is a heart fabric that a few other sewcialists have also used. I love it! It came out sweet with the 3/4 sleeves. I am going to go try and find a wide black belt to break up the pattern a bit, but it’s adorable. I was worried it was too “childish” but my husband said fashion now consists of adorable plush foxes and stars on leggings so this would fit right in.



The second is a herringbone sweater knit from my stash from a few years back. I had loved it instantly but never knew what to make. I am thrilled with the results and feel like I could wear this to even a professional setting. AND my happy holiday gift to myself was new Merrell boots for wearing with leggings and dresses so you can bet my next project will be Cake’s Espresso Leggings!



These dresses I finished last night, after a lovely girl’s night out at Lombardi’s in Everett. My friend Rachel is starting her very own farm on Camano Island! I love to hear about her adventures. If you are interested in small, one woman farms, starting from scratch, check out her blog Camano Island Harvest.

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve and my baby and I have big plans. I am letting him watch the Lego Movie with Emmett today, and though I may regret it, everything is truly awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team.


Co-Captain, Team Erickson


PS: Here are some of my christmas makes, most unrelated to sewing.











3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I love both dresses! And yes, the hearts are very now. =)

    I think you have the cutest tree skirt I have ever seen! All those Christmas crafts and projects! I feel like I didn’t accomplish much this December, so thanks for letting me live a little vicariously through your IG pics.

    I also love my handmade ornament and will treasure it always! My favorite thing about my tree is all the different ornaments that have memories and people attached to them. Thank you for including me in your list of recipients – I am honored.

    Happy New Year, MaLora!

  2. I love the tree skirt! It is so cute.
    The dresses are fabulous! This is pretty much the dress version of yoga pants, right? Comfortable and easy to wear, except so much better looking and appropriate for daily wear than yoga pants.
    Thank you so much for the ornament. It is great! I think I will start a Christmas tree for my sewing room and have only sewing related ornaments. This will be the first ornament!

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