My little monster

Happy Halloween!

Some days being a parent is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And some days it feels like the worst. Luckily, no emotion sticks for too long when you have a toddler around. I am always thankful to have my kid. We had troubled beginnings, our birth story sucks frankly, but here he is and here I still am and together our family is pretty dang awesome. We struggle so I can stay home and raise him, and I can’t tell if it’s because or in spite of, but it is.

My little monster got these from me just in time for Halloween! And just like his daddy, he was so thankful! He held them up and kept telling me how pretty they were! “Oh thank you mommy for my present! These are so pretty!” he said, a few times in a variation of ways as sentences are still pretty new around here. They fit perfect, and the amazing fabric from Ottobre Designs was difficult to get but so worth it.


The fabric they called Riivalit sold out almost instantly. In fact, they made me a custom listing with my name on it and three times people purchased it, knowing it wasn’t theirs. So tricky! However, honest Ottobre Designs held true to their promise to me and made sure I got the yard I had requested. And did I make that yard stretch! The fabric has large monsters down one selvedge and smaller monsters down the other with just stars in the middle. I was careful and made two shirts, one pant, and have enough for a couple pairs of kid’s underpants or appliqué projects too! While not frugal, it is cost effective!


The pattern is from Ottobre 6/2010, Pitka I think. I remember they are designs 14 and 15, because they were next to each other which was helpful. I will be making these for a few more years I think. I love the multiple sizes in these patterns, it makes them so affordable! I opted out of the fly on this one, as we are barely to the pull up stage with my kiddo. I also have my doubts about adults and that underpants fly… serious doubts, but I am unwilling to go into a men’s restroom and find out.


The fabric really makes the man (monster?). Here is the back, with the smaller monsters, and you may notice he is trying to escape my camera!


To complete his winter pajamas, I took some striped french terry and made him a bathrobe using the Melly Sews free kid’s bathrobe pattern. It fits well but he told me he didn’t like it. Honesty is crucial to any relationship, and green is not his favorite today he said. Tomorrow, who knows, but today he likes blue. Which is just fine by me. When I purposefully matched the stripes to the opposing color from the band to the body, I turned one half upside down some how. This made the nap of the fabric shiny on just one side. Now every time I see that shine, I get annoyed and my lack of perfection and think what a smug little bathrobe, always trying to prove me inadequate! No wonder he doesn’t like you!


Now he can lounge around with us grown ups on Saturday, when his dad wears his bathrobe and makes waffles while I sleep in, and we all eat and enjoy the lazy weekend days of winter, all together, as a family.




PS: OK I can’t get enough of this kid!




IMG_2317 IMG_2187 IMG_2188 IMG_2195


10 thoughts on “My little monster

  1. Adorable pjs and kid! I don’t think I could resist making things for a kid that says “thank you” and “these are so pretty!” awww my heart melts – he is a sweetie. =)

    I really like how you offset the stripes on the front of the bathrobe! Just remember that rtw is far from perfect and what makes custom stuff special is the little goofs that usually bother only the maker. Perfection is boring and flaws have charm. I think it looks great – upside down nap and all!

  2. He is so cute modeling his new PJ’s! I love the monster fabric- you were fortunate to get it. As for the robe, I like it too, but maybe tomorrow or the next day will be a “green day” and he’ll like it better then!

  3. That fabric is awesome!! I can see why it got snatched out from under you a few times. Your son is so cute – and I agree raising kids is tough and a mixed bag of emotions for sure. I love the pyjamas and the bathrobe is the icing on the cake – I wish I had this outfit to lounge around in. Lucky boy!

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