Ottobre PJ’s

I just love Ottobre Patterns. The magazines have patterns for children of all ages, and even though I sew 95% boys patterns only, the variation of styles and multitude of sizes makes owning the magazines a dream. This is from 2010, I think called the Pitka? I am terrible with pattern names. It’s fall, and new pajamas were in order. Best part: all made from scraps in the stash! YES!

Let’s start with outer-space jams!

Ottobre PJ/s by Bird and Bicycle

I got overly excited about this scrap outer-space and decided I needed to have cute knee patches. WIth the perfect knit fusible interfacing, it was actually ridiculously easy. My anxious anticipation was entirely unnecessary.


He needed an “earth” badge. One of his favorite first movies was WallE and he has been pointing out earth to me ever since.


The size 98cm fits my rather large 3 year old spot on. I love the rib knit+elastic waist band too. Cozy!


Any other lazy sewists out there? Sharpies to the rescue! I use some sharpie fabric “paint” markers and ❤ the back of his clothes, in hopes that one day he will actually learn to dress himself. At this point, I have my sincere doubts.


He sat still for about three minutes this photoshoot. I had to give up for any quality pictures.


My second set was even faster than the first, as it is for all patterns I think. The stripe fabric is left over from my plaintain, and was just perfect for the arms and legs.

Ottobre PJ/s by Bird and Bicycle

I wasn’t sure about highlighting this point or not, but honesty is important my mom taught me so here we go. I had wanted to topstitch the front and back panels in the pants. I do that for his boxer briefs and find that flat seams seem better. I have no real idea but I like flat seams so, why not? Except my coverstitch ate them, and I had a gaping hole, and somehow avoided tears about it. I had to take a break and have a cuppa tea and then came back and gently had to cut the pants out of the baseplate. However, a little bit of fusible and a patch and very, very carefully lined up the stripes and voila! I patched it!


You can barely see my mistake if you squint or like me, just don’t put on your glasses.


Seriously, how do you get such good photos you parent bloggers? Really? Bribery? I tempted him with cookies and screen time and all he would do was run in circles and sing the ABC song. I think he is saying “H” at this moment.


Well, he got rewards anyway. Donuts with his Uncle Nic!



I do love sewing, and this week is KCW too. I wish I could join in the fun! With a “story book” theme I had many ideas but I just can’t participate this week. Too busy with other projects! I assume with Halloween many of you other sewists are up to your ears in fun projects! I have been seeing some amazing sh!t on Instagram! With fall coming, I am sewing up all my wool jersey and listing out my holiday christmas sewing too. Wish you all well!




2 thoughts on “Ottobre PJ’s

  1. I want the outer space jammies in my size! Both pairs are so cute – as is the model! I think you got some great photos and I especially love the first one of him. Also, great job on the patching and saving of the poor machine eaten pants!

  2. Ottobres are my favorites. I sew them as often as I can. They really do have great styles for boys, which is very hard to find! Love the space ones (and WallE). You can’t even see the touch up on the stripe pair. Great job!

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