My garden tour


There isn’t much more I love than being outside with my kiddo. We had an amazing garden (my first ever!) and enjoyed it’s fruits all summer. We were lucky to have so many tomatoes we will be enjoying them most of winter too! Here is my kiddo trying a ground cherry.


I am not Montessori teacher, but in my yard or the woods or at the beach, I find it easy to be magical and  make science exciting. We discussed bubbles at great length.


My kid is the type of person who chases bees down, picks them up, and never gets stung. How he can hold bees and they leave him alone I don’t know. Maybe he scares them with his bravery? He quickly learned not just types of bugs, but we have quite the bird population too. He says the Stellar Jay “squawks” and the hummingbird “tweets” and the many finches are rather quiet. The dragonflies were amazing, and here is a brilliant red one that loved my tomatoes.


This pumpkin and it’s friend (I only got two, because my kid loved to “water the plants” and white mold attacked the majority of my squash plants.) are now safely in my pantry, waiting to be carved up in a few weeks for halloween. My kid is happy to have his throne back, and he stands atop this old stump triumphant.


Seattle has so much rain, there is little I can do about my yard being mostly moss. The mushrooms came as a bit of a surprise.



The only reason I could ever really get my kiddo interested in gardening, is because we get to play with water. He loved “washing” our tomatoes each day we harvested.



I am just feeling so lucky to have had this gorgeous garden at all. We rent our home, and many places don’t have the space or allow you to garden. I am excited for next year, and have bigger and better plans for our back yard garden! I want raised beds, and different plants too. I wouldn’t say that my small garden saves me money at all, in fact, it might break even or be more costly for me to grow my own food. This is a hobby just like sewing I think. The first few years you make big mistakes, you learn a lot, you create waste and have some failed experiments. However, with each year, it gets easier, and you get smarter. I have all winter to read more of my master gardener’s book, and pay attention to the sun light. Plan and rearrange my plantings. For now, I am happy it’s rainy and cold. I get warm tea and toast, and am going to go bake some pumpkin bread before I sew some new patterns today. I hope you liked my garden tour!





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