Wool pants

[WARNING: This post is laden with photos! And very little text, so feel free to skim.]

These are my new favorite pattern from Ottobre. They are the “froggy” pants, size 104 cm (roughly a 3-4t I think.) I do love Ottobre, and while their directions are scant, their patterns never fail to deliver (and delight!) And, as usual, I always forget half way through tracing the pattern to add seam allowances. So my pieces are a bit wonky, but with additional markings the pants came together so quickly I made two in two sewing sessions (maybe 5 hours for two pairs of pants.)


The fabric was from stash, as all my clothes are this year. No new fabric for me until I empty my shelves a bit more. I am hoping to be able to buy fabric in 2015, early winter. However, how I yearn for silk jersey and wool jersey! I feel like a  predatory animal looking at GorgeousFabrics.com and perusing fabrics at my local stores (I am able to buy notions, like rivets! So I am feeling super lucky! And less like a wold, hungry, forced from the woods into humanity, lurching at every sewist’s fabric stash with a glint in my eye…. Anyway. The fabric is a delicious dark blue wool, but it does have a bit of a nap and some strange horizontal pattern to it. The more I worked with it, the more it reminded me of furniture. This is why I fear I must not buy fabrics online. Too many disappointed purchases. The wool is excessively soft, and durable, and will be great for my climbing toddler as he tumbles around the playground. I used some scraps of flannel as well, as you will see.

Now, let’s show the insides first.


The front has articulated knee panels, and I lined them with flannel for extra padding. I regret not adding actual plushy fleece or something. My kid is in the bruising stage of growing up, although I doubt any amount of padding will help. Coordination is a skill, and I wish I had more myself. You can see I faced the waistband as well, more for cuteness than anything else. And while all the edges are serged with white, the seams are sewn in a matching dark blue so the thread won’t show at seamlines. The fabric was extremely thick, but something in the wool was not just fuzzy, it was not unraveling, it was… fuzzing apart. If that is a thing? Lots of bits of fuzz all over the place.


The knee panel I stitched to hide the edges and have smooth lines, hiding the raw edges inside, kinda like when you sew underpants panels. This is not in the pattern, I just made it up. YAY for sewing!



Here I changed the light sensitivity to show the details of the inner “mock fly” that I copied from some RTW pants my son wears constantly. I was so pleased with how it came out! Just a couple inches and with an elastic in the back of the waist band, it’s perfect! I couldn’t be happier. I love making s*** up when sewing. It brings me joy to problem solve!


Here is the top view of the waist. You can see the elastic in the back, and my half mock fly. The directions call to sew the elastic to the outside of the pants as well, but I have no luck in that. Every time I attach elastic to a waistband that isn’t a knit fabric, the waistband gets all mucked up. And tips readers? I have an elastic stitch, a triple zip zag, for attaching elastic, but it doesn’t seem to help. So instead I just attach the elastic, far too throughly, at the ends, and once in the middle back, and call it good.


The articulated knee panel from the outside, and a close up of the fuzzy napped wool. This is very close to the true color of the wool as well, a rich blue. It reminds me of old military uniforms, which inspired me to add some fun silver rivets and button. Do you see the wood grain on the silver button below? It’s more from grandma’s magic button stash. I added two rivets to a super tiny angled pocket on the leg too. I was going to add even more, but decided little metal rivets would just scratch up slides and swings and all manner of playground equipment.



Again, this “froggy” pants pattern is super fun. The front bellows type pocket on the thigh is super fun. The pattern suggests velcro and I may add snaps later but for now, my kid ignores all pockets on his clothes. The large flap and pocket even holds my iPhone5, so it’s pretty roomy. Maybe soon he will start collecting things? If you sew for little people, do you add all the finishing touches like rivets and pockets, knowing they will be ignored?

I know my child wasn’t feel up to snuff today, and I insisted he try them on anyway. I bribed him with my chalk marker.”Parenting win!” I told myself, but really, a total fail at any decent photos.


More failed attempts at cute pictures, but you can see my stash in the back corner as he stands on my cutting table.




Here are the front of the pants, in all their glory (Can pants be glorious?). It was so great to work with wool and flannel on these cold days. Fall is cold and grey and wet this week, and you can see my giant mug of Bourbon St. Roiboos in the photos above. I live to drink this in winter, and am searching for new chai tea at home to try. Anyone have any chai favorites that is a dry tea bag and not a liquid?



Well, good for you to making it through this giant picture post! I am happy to know you are here, and read/looked all the way. What are you finishing up making for “Sewing in September” month? I spent the last two weeks mostly secret sewing, and then a couple toddler pants, and I have plans for a zip jacket with the exact same fabrics used in these pants, but I don’t know if I can get this all done in two days.



PS: Also, a great discussion about #selfishsewing over at Gillian’s blog. It has a hefty amount of comments, but I found all of them valuable and a great read.


14 thoughts on “Wool pants

  1. They turned out really cute! And you might not notice him noticing the details, but I promise he does. I’ve watched lots of kids at work play with rivets and interesting little parts of their costumes. =)

    I found some decent powdered chai (either at Trader Joe’s or Kroger but I can’t remember). It isn’t as great as the concentrated liquid Tazo chai but for a “just add water” powder it’s the best I’ve found. The canister says “Pacific Chai – Vanilla Chai Latte” and website is indulgentfoods.com

    • Thank you! He wore them all afternoon today and didn’t ask to take them off so I consider them a win! I will look out for the chai! I have a local company who makes the best liquid but I want tea bags for all day brewing. 😉

      • If you ever find good chai in tea bags, let me know! I’ve never had any luck with the tea bag kind. I don’t like coffee but I love strong tea.

  2. they are so cute!! love the contrast fabric on the inside too. i wish my little fella would wear something other than tracksuit bottoms 🙂

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