Lady Skater

When I first saw Katie’s lady skater I wanted one. As in, I need this! so, now, months later, I have one of my very own! The fabric isn’t identical to Katie’s but pretty dang close with a pale pink background. I am one step closer to creating a wardrobe appropriate to be in The Misfits!


The dress was an easy make, maybe too easy?! I haven’t used clear elastic around a waist before and frankly, I dislike it. I am curious to see how it holds up over time. I didn’t realize the pattern repeat was so very obvious until I took these pictures.


If I make this again, I will raise the waistline and lengthen the skirt. I will also not at all use cotton interlock. I made one from cotton interlock, after this cute leopard print one, and the darn fabric was frankly, sucked.

Recently a friend, a professional costumer, mentioned something about me and technical knowledge and drape and all I can remember exactly was that I need to learn how to drape muslins on myself as fit that way. So, instead of my usual nip tuck, I ignored all previous ideas about what I thought my “body fit” is and instead just sewed a muslin with almost no flat pattern alterations. All formal like, I basted and measured and tucked and took it apart and put it back together and carefully measured again and again. I was able to use the same fabric for three muslins because I just kept taking in and in and in. So who knew I had such a weird body?


Does anyone else take your body measurements and then consider health? I have had back problems off and on my whole life. I have to alter all patterns with a sway back of at least 2″, and shrink the shoulders/sleeve height down usually about 1.5″ and what does this say about bone structure? I won’t deny the advantages. Lacking height in my shoulders makes my bosom look nice and perky when in fact, I am just short! Ha!

Sewing this up taught me a great deal about shoulder fit. And I can now take what I have learned and alter other patterns easily. In fact, doing this helped me understand what was wrong with my Ziggi moto jacket! So hopefully I can find some time to work on that this winter.

I don’t know if I particularly like the lady skater, but I drafted a great t-shirt from it, and learned so much sewing it, that I am very pleased. I do think this is a fantastic beginner knit dress, and would look better on people with longer bodies/more waist than me. I am forever learning about sewing. So my hobby keeps me in a whirlwind of pride and humility, discovery and challenge. It’s the ideal craft for me! But what about you? Have you been successfully challenged by your own crafts lately?

It took me far too long to post about this dress, and I have already made another one. I find they can be casual as in the above pictures, with flip flops, or more dressy, for the ever attractive date nights. Mojito, anyone?



6 thoughts on “Lady Skater

  1. Oh, I like it! Such a nice basic casual dress! Yay for learning and succeeding in fitting! Sometimes it’s just easier to make a physical “rough draft” instead of trying to get all technical with the flat-pattern. =)

    I always seem to complicate my personal projects – I guess I subconsciously like to challenge myself. My current front-burner personal sewing project is definitely going to challenge me because it’s a stylized tailored jacket, and while I’ve done some tailoring, it has always been at work and not completely on my own. So I feel like it’s what I know the least about without a lot of reference book help.

    • I am excited to see your new coat when it’s done! You made one of the Lolita coats too right? You will be great, I am sure. I need to figure out a way to muslin my clothes first, but dang sewing is already expensive!

      • I did make a Lolita Spearmint coat. That pattern may end up being my starting point for the 18th century style one I want to make.

        Cheap flat sheets from Walmart are good way to get a lot of muslining fabric and sometimes you can find a whole set in the clearance section. (You can even use the t-shirt sheets for knit mockups.) And thrift stores often have sheets and table cloths you can use as well.

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