Franken-hack! The “Brontemisu”

I am so in love with the Bronte top by Jennifer Lawrence. I can’t rave about this pattern enough. It makes me feel feminine but it’s terribly comfortable too. It’s a quick make once you get a good fit, and takes barely any fabric! That being said, my second favorite pattern being the Tiramisu I knew, instantly, that I had to combine them. As soon as I saw the neckline of the Bronte, even before I owned it, the Bronte reminded me of a knit version of vintage styles kinda like Colette dresses. So I combined the waistband and skirt of the Tiramisu and part of the Bronte and voila! I will absolutely make more of these! Next time, with more gathers under the girls, if you know what I mean.


It was an easy make, relatively. If you try this, and like me are too lazy to make a muslin (let’s hear it for lazy sewists! *hollah!*) absolutely use a drapey knit. Drape drape drape! This wouldn’t work so great in cotton interlock, for example. Don’t ask me how I know.


I want more knit dresses! I have some beautiful florals in ITY but we shall see. It’s getting to be sweater weather, not clingy sexy drapey dress weather. What patterns do you like to mix together?!


Ps: some days it’s just awkward to take pictures of yourself.




20 thoughts on “Franken-hack! The “Brontemisu”

  1. I love this! Super pretty, retro and modern and all those good things! i can see this being a great mom-dress – cute and practical! 🙂

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