This is less of a real writing post and more of a show and tell. I am so in love with the Strathcona Henley by Thread Theory!

Here is my brother trying to look comfortable and relaxed. Modeling is not his career, so no worries he won’t starve.



Seriously Matt, you actually look angry in this one.

The grey is a wool blend jersey that is fairly thin. I made no alterations to the medium size. He is slender and tall, over 6′, and it fits perfect! What I love most about this pattern is the match points are particularly arranged the sleeve and shoulder. Thread Theory made it so easy.

And then, since it went so well, I made even more. Here are my super heroes.


I think they were very obliging to be put on my blog, also wearing wool shirts on a particularly warm day wasn’t the most comfortable either. Thanks gents!

My Chuck got a rusty orange merino wool jersey in a size large (again, nearly perfect fit!) and my brother Matt a heavy brown wool rib knit with the cuffs on the long sleeve. I love them both (the shirts, and the guys too I guess.)

The brown wool hangs more like a sweater and will be quite useful in winter for layering. Chuck will probably wear his rusty orange one biking, and he put in an order for a few more for winter rides. He mentioned he loved the short sleeve length, because indeed, it wasn’t that short. It hit right above the elbow. It didn’t have as much stretch as I wanted, so I will make the neckband longer than expected next time.

My only comment about the pattern is that they are very long. I never added length and did not use the additional bottom waist band for either pattern. Instead, I just turned under and hemmed 1″. My husband is 6’5 and needed no alteration to the body or sleeve for the large, which I think is well above average in height, so I would test the length in arm and body before using your precious fabric. They are designed for the tall and slender, though I bet they would be fairly easy to add width too where necessary.

Thanks for looking! I can’t wait to make a Newcastle Cardigan too! Have you made either of these patterns and want did you think? I am interested in sewing for the men in my life so if you have any suggestions about fabrics, patterns or anything let me know. I can’t seem to find a good men’s raglan modern fit t-shirt anywhere.

Ps: Here is Chuck ready to ride!



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