Time Warp!

As Summer becomes Autumn I feel the cooling off of the season, suddenly wearing socks and not sandals, drinking warm instead of iced tea. It’s an easy but slightly sad feeling, familiar but disquieting. I feel the whirlwind of business and school and schedules, and while normally I would feel quite harried by all this action, this year I am relaxed with the familiarity of routine. This is the third year of my son’s preschool co-op. Each fall he goes away a few more hours, a couple more days, and grows up and away. The slight pull, the gentle tug. This fragile connection is reminiscent of all natural creatures, and I find comfort in routine.

For the first time in months my husband has been home regularly. He hasn’t been teaching since late August and we are both happy his fall class was canceled. He will teach again next Spring, but now it is Fall. Now we have each other. And I am given free reign with many evenings to sew or do as I please. With limited financial resource but greater amounts of time, I feel like I have been given an immense gift; the gift to create.

Last year and, truthfully, the year before that were very challenging. Everything I had taught myself sewing last winter I forgot by Spring. I relearned however, rapidly, and feel like I am making great strides. And while I am not trying to catch up, I do feel like I am stuck in a strange time warp. Here I am, pulling out another new pattern to try, and when I search online to find answers to questions I have, all my favorite sewcialists completed this pattern before and have done the hard work of adjustments for me.

I am rewarded for my patience. I am rewarded for perseverance.

Tonight I am working on the Lady Skater dress pattern. As it is sewing in September I have set the goal of one new pattern a week for me. I started with the Bronte and moved to the Penny Pinafore, then the Lady Skater, and soon the Nettie I should think. If I have the courage maybe more.

I am greatly enjoying this high level of productivity. I love having clothes to wear that I have made, that make me feel confident and creative. As the seasons change so does my level of interest. The colder months give me the desire to be indoors but eventually the stir craziness of needing activity. A slightly off kilter balance for production. As I slowly eat away at my fabric stash, I hope to eventually get to the place where I have very little fabric left.

I dream of being able to pick up a pattern, and go pick out fabric for it specially. I have spent too much time buying fabric instead of sewing it. It is so much faster to do so! And it feeds some passion for sewing, even just having the textiles and holding them, daydreaming about what they may become.

I am exhausted and this note probably finds you all asleep.

Hope you all are enjoying your own sewing goals this month! Tell me about your own new and exciting patterns, so I can add them to my wish list of ever growing handmade fashion (especially anything knit!)




6 thoughts on “Time Warp!

  1. I started a list last night – so many things I want to make! I probably shouldn’t have written it down because it’s only a partial list and even it makes me feel a bit overwhelmed. Just need to start sewing…

  2. I am trying not to set myself up for failure by creating a huge list of things to sew this fall, but one goal I do have is to sew an Archer. I’ve wanted to sew one up for forever, but never do it. I’d like to whittle my stash down too. Would love to see your Lady Skater!

    • I have the Archer on my list too! I use manila file folders for patterns and have a stack 4 inches high. It also pressures me, but inspires me. Creativity is hard work! I will watch out for your Archer too, as maybe it will inspire me to pull it from the stack!

  3. I seem to lack follow through. I have plenty of fabric and patterns, and even fabric paired with patterns, but I don’t seem to sew very much of it. I haven’t been buying all that much fabric lately, either. I can’t justify it when we need other things, like school books, and I already have more than enough in my sewing room. I am planning to join the Archer Sew Along, but other than that, I am not planning much sewing for myself. I do, however, plan to sew a few things for my kids.

    • I know how it goes. My interest in hobbies cycle. I am sewing fabrics I have had for a year or two or three. I am finally using patterns I have had for just as long. Maybe sewing for your kiddos will suffice or even, inspire you? The archer you make will be gorgeous I am sure!

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