A Happy Ending

After much struggle and strife with the Bronte top I realized I was over thinking fit and not just focusing on what was actually wrong. So, in my self taught sewing way, I nip+tucked the fabric down and down and down in all sorts of places until it came to a reasonable fit. Here is my results from the alteration to my wool Bronte III. I am quite pleased.


The next step was more complex, involving measuring just about every aspect of this newly revised shirt. Every seam I measured, until I could calculate the pattern from the newly altered shirt. I had to give or take a little to make the sides and pieces symmetrical and be sure to add on seam allowance.

Then to be even more difficult, I retraced the original Bronte top in a straight size 16. Then I redrew my best guess of better fitting lines. It seems my shoulders are very close to a 14, bust 16, waist 14, high hip 18. I can’t believe it worked in my backwards way! I am so tickled with my new pattern’s results I shrugged on my latest and greatest Bronte IV and ran to give my hubs a hi-five!

What do you think?


I see that the sleeve arm band is turned up in the photograph, but in real life it’s even and lovely. The shell button came from my mother’s button stash, which I think came from my grandma, as did much of my sewing supplies. I love the bright shine of the shell buttons with the neon pink and grey.

I love when perseverance and geometry all come together. Best part? I think from now on with all knit tops, I will start with a size 14 at the shoulders and eliminate many of my fitting issues from the beginning! Happy squeals were heard from my sewing room for quite sometime. My toddler thought I was watching some tv or playing a game and was disappointed as I danced around gleefully. Now, not only do I have another TNT pattern, but I have secret plans for this pattern to be franken-hacked at some point in the future.



Thank you to everyone who read my sad Tale of the Bronte and helped with suggestions. Sew Brooke was spot on, as usual! Everyone who doesn’t, should go buy this PDF pattern. And all other PDF pattern makers should copy her amazing style of organizing the clothing pieces on the paper, so your pdf pattern is easy to put together. AmIright Sewcialists?

PS: My little prince insisted he needed a “cheese” photograph too. Gosh how I love him, even if I can’t make clothes big enough for him to wear very long. Stop growing!



26 thoughts on “A Happy Ending

  1. Yay Malora! I love reading your blogs! You are so talented and I love the clothes you make. And your new haircut! Way to go on the Bronte!

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