I will tell no lie…

In my previous post, I gave two truths and one lie. Apparently I am a terrible liar because everyone pretty much guessed that number 3 was a lie. Which, means, unfortunately, that I did eat SO MUCH CHEESECAKE.  It was a fun game. I suggest you do it too!


I have however, been keeping myself busy. In the last week of August I found myself making yet another set of the Winter Pajamas. I seriously love this pattern. This time, I used some fancy viking fabric I have been hoarding especially for my little man.  I always use some fabric markers and draw on the backside of the clothes I make, a heart or his initials or “I love you” so that it’s easier to get him dressed. You can just see the orange heart I left on the white ribbing this time.


I also made both my brother and husband two test “wearable” muslins of the Thread Theory Henley. The pattern fit perfect on them both with no alterations. Isn’t that CRAZY! It makes me have foolish thoughts about only sewing menswear from here on out. Here he is at dinner today. The neckband was a bit tight because well, I had to scrap together the neckband. It’s wearable for backyard BBQs! He already has me planning a few more in wool jersey for his bike commute to work. I will practice until I get the henley button neckline finish just perfect before using up my expensive merino! Wish I could find it more affordable here, as it’s a staple of fashion in the Pacific Northwest.



Thanks for playing my truth/lie game. I hope you had fun too! If you post one tag me, I would love to play along. I like games!


Today has been an arduous adventure in fitting, of which I will post about tomorrow I think. Wish you all a good night!




PS: Here is a picture of me at the top of the mountain, somewhere in China, about a decade ago. Unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence of my cheesecake.

Bird and Bicycle in China


8 thoughts on “I will tell no lie…

  1. i love your photos! i used to craft historic reenactment garb and i loved making menswear, the architectural complexity of it. so much more interesting than making stuff for me.
    but lets play two truths and a lie.
    1. i also spent a holiday in tibet, hanging prayer flags near turquoise lake.
    2. i have been married three times: on a yacht, on a bicycle and atop the World Trade center. i made all my own wedding dresses.
    3. i never finished high school.

    • Oh man those are good! And tricky!…..

      My guess is 2 is a lie? Maybe you got married on a bike and a boat, but the WTC seems crazy!

      (also, if three was a lie, don’t be offended that I didn’t guess that. I have a few friends who are amazingly brilliant and employed and all that with amazing careers and no diploma!)

      • BINGO! marriage #1 on a yacht, marriage #2 on a bicycle. i did have brunch at the WTC many times back in the day. and while technically i never finished high school, i did finish college and grad school. i love the way the bronte top fits in your newest post.

      • and yes i DID make both my wedding dresses. wedding #1 a satin and lace ballgown, boning princess seams, pearl beading. wedding #2 a lavender stretch lace that i rode the last 24 miles of a century ride in.

  2. The mens’ shirt looks great! I used to make stuff for my hubby, but then I started feeling like I’d rather spend time on things I get to wear myself. I think I’m a selfish sewist. <:(

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