Double Dog Dare You

My pal, the ever and always talented Gillian, dared me to post two truths and a lie for all my readers to guess. Who is this bird, really? You may well wonder.

As I am relaxing, having chai while my husband chases our kiddo around, I ponder the various outlandish things I have gotten myself into. I feel like I have lead both a wild adventure and a tragically boring life. There is much to consider.

I have spent the rainy morning trimming up a paper pattern to make my brother a long over due birthday present, a custom wool shirt. I purchased the Thread Theory Strathcona Henley and the New Castle Cardigan as soon as I learned of this company, and have been eagerly watching the new patterns arrive over the past many months. The Comox trunks and pants, peacoat and Finlayson are so gorgeous. They are very woodsy and Pacific Northwest (or, Canadian?) that I just want to make them all! So here I am, trimming and trimming away at a huge pattern.


Trimming away is something I am forever doing. I always have a half filled box to donate with clothes or books or toys. I give freely of material objects the instant I am done with them, much to the chagrin of my parents when I was young, and now my husband. You may recall I started this blog over three years ago, but deleted a couple years of posts, trimming them away too. I have focused the past few years delving deep into motherhood, and letting go of things that are no longer important. My values have honed in, my emotions reigned. There is a level of focus in my creativity and in my daily living that is keeping me at a current level of motion, a constant state of gathering and giving. And today, I find myself creating this shirt to give to my brother (one of two, the younger.)


Note my undisguised Dr. Pepper soda and my oh so fancy “pattern weights” in the picture above? My toddler’s puzzle pieces make the perfect weights. I long ago meant to buy washers and make them pretty with ribbon like so many have done, but I already have a sewing studio full of tools, but the ones with multi-uses are the ones that stay.

Well, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. I spent three months eating every type of cheesecake offered on the menu at the Cheesecake Factory in downtown Seattle. My favorite is still pumpkin.

2. I have climbed up thousands of hand carved steps on a monastery mountain peak in China, sleeping on stone slab beds and eating cup o’ noodles.

3. I spent hours studying and translating the Elvish languages from Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth, specifically Sindarin to translate poetry.

Well go ahead and leave your guess below! For funsies I will dare Sew Brooke and Stacey Sews (but only play if you want.)

It seems to have taken me all day to both finish this wearable muslin and this blog post. I get distracted admiring my own coverstitch machine’s fancy twin needle lines. They look so professional, and I feel like I am a big cheat!



Thanks for reading as always!



3 thoughts on “Double Dog Dare You

  1. Oh, it’s hard to decide which is the lie! #2 is so unreal sounding it must be true (truth is stranger than fiction!). #1 sounds like a bucket list goal but it’s possible you’ve already checked it off. #3 sounds like something a lot of people I know would do – maybe you know someone who did this but it wasn’t you? Gonna stick with my “when in doubt, pick C” and maybe I’ll be right this time even though it didn’t work for Gillian’s list.

    I am so bad at coming up with random facts about myself! I think I’ve already shared my best ones in past blog posts, so it might take me a few days to come up with something good…

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