TNT, You’re dynamite!

A Cake Patterns Tiramisu dress, only my second one, but this pattern is just so spot on it’s my second TNT! What I like about this pattern, is you can completely change the dress’s feelings using a variety of fabrics. This is a rayon blend metallic pin dot with the bands on the neckline and arm, being the same fabric turned right side in. Add heels (gifted from a darling friend!) and a side swept hair style and BAM! I am ready for cocktails. Sidecar, anyone?



Ah, yes. The drape of fabric. How neatly it hangs in pleasant folds.


The wind caught the skirt and clearly shows the neat hemline. How did I ever survive without my coverstitch? (Secret: I just never hemmed. Double needle topstitching was crap-tastic with my Brother no matter what combination of thread, needles and fabric I tried.)



Super stoked about this dress, and I expect (nay, demand?!) a fancy date night with my darling husband soon.





PS: I can’t see or say TNT without singing to myself!



7 thoughts on “TNT, You’re dynamite!

  1. Beautiful dress on a beautiful lady! I seriously doubt you will have to “demand” a date with your husband once he sees you in it – he will want to show you off!

    Very nice hemming too. I was admiring the perfect straightness and even thought you might have a petticoat on in those first couple of photos, but then I read it was just the breeze holding it out.

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