Renfrew, the 5th

Another day, another Renfrew. I just love this top. I think this is my 5th but there could be more of them in my closet. This is my last piece of fabric from Pacific Fabrics. It’s a rayon poly blend with an oatmeal and navy stripe. I was meticulous about matching the strips along the side seams and am quite pleased with my results. For this Renfrew, I raised the neckline an inch for a “playground appropriate” neckline so that when I pick up and carry by kid around my ladies stay undercover.


As my previous post yesterday (a Renfrew Tank Top pattern alteration) mentioned, I am sewing up what I call, casual sews. However, the key to understanding them is that they fit better than any ready to wear casual clothing could fit. So I feel at my best, even just hanging around the house.

Or even pretending I am in Charlie’s Angels. I so wish I was that cool. Derp Derp Derp*.


The shoulder seam strip alignment was off because I didn’t line up the stripes at the exact stitch line, but instead at the edge of the fabric. (As you may know, stripes and curves do not align!) You can see it’s just about a centimeter off, my seam allowance. Ugh, well, there is next time.



Are you paying attention? See my garden clipping pile is getting bigger! I care for the good part of the plants, but ignore the waste. Instead I am sewing, which is way better, right?


Love and Happiness,





10 thoughts on “Renfrew, the 5th

  1. I love the extra-long sleeves on this one! I’m sure I would end up rolling them back, but they seem like a smart adaptation for a long-sleeved playground top. Cold hands are the worst.

  2. I have to tell you how much I am loving your haircut! I could so identify with your post about getting your hair cut and I am over 60 years old! Love your blog! I need to start sewing some clothes for myself, too. Have got to force myself to make a muslin first, adjust the pattern and then have a pattern that I can sew up in a pinch and have it fit every time!!

    • Lu Ann, that is my exact problem. Tried and True patterns not only take work, but initiative. Now that I have one top, and one dress, I need to work on pants or jeans this fall. I would love to get basic slopers so I can build a whole wardrobe!

  3. i LOVE the seam match! it makes me crazy when ready to wear is off. stripes and plaids are the only things i pin baste AND hand baste, it just makes me OCD crazy. my kids too. my daughters and son have rejected ready to wear shirts because ‘the seams don’t match and that is so wrong’

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