Renfrew hack – sew casual

The problem I often have with ready to wear clothes is that they don’t fit. I am curvy, and petite, and have all the common adjustments like sway back and forward shoulder and high hip and whatnot. So even tank tops, when purchased, tend to frustrate me. Combine that with my goal of sewing up all my fabric I currently own, I have found myself sewing up casual clothes that most people probably don’t bother hand making.


I found the Renfrew to be my favorite shirt at the moment. This is a Renfrew that I just cut away at the shoulder seams until I found a width I liked, and I used extra wide ribbing in the bands of neckline and arm so that I have complete coverage of any undergarments.


As you can see, I like it.

I am even quite proud of my swayback adjustment, which turned out to be just right with this particular fabric.


The full bust adjustment in this pattern has been altered three times from the original alteration I did at Sewing Summit with the help of that lovely red head from A Fashionable Stitch. I am pleased to announce I finally, completely, absolutely have a TNT pattern! (Tried-N-True!)


Now what will I make my next Renfrew out of? Some rayon wool blend for Winter perhaps?



Thanks for reading as always! I am loving this end of summer full sewing swing I am in. I am washing and prepping even more pdf patterns each day!





8 thoughts on “Renfrew hack – sew casual

  1. I would love to see a comparison between the original front and your final version after the FBA. That tank looks great on you. FBA’s are the bane of my existence and I haven’t been able to get a fit I actually like. Would love to know how you achieved this.

  2. Haha! You and I have basically the same body shape so I totally understand everything you’re going through! When even the most basic, basic garments fit all wonky, it’s definitely annoying!

    But I think you did a really great job with this piece. It’s super casual and it looks like it fits really great. It also seems like a design you could replicate in a bunch of other colors, just to build up some really good fitting staples!

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