Tiramisu Skirt

If you know me at all, you know I love knits. I love sewing them, wearing them, buying them. This white and coral stripe knit I purchased from Pacific Fabrics. At first, it was underwhelming visually and while opaque enough to wear unlined, still a little thin. Then I touched it. This is probably the softest fabric on the planet. It’s luxurious to wear. The blend wasn’t stated on the bolt, but it can’t be straight cotton nor can it be too much rayon either. It’s simply soft and fun for summer. I am making summer clothes now, in late August, when I won’t be able to wear them very long in the chilly Seattle Autumn. Unless I go and make some Cake Patterns leggings too?


This is my pattern alteration of the Tiramisu Dress by Cake Patterns. I simply take the skirt and cut/sew it as directed, but then I make a waistband by cutting a large rectangle a few inches smaller than my waist. This picture shows the waistband folded in half, but it goes up to my lower ribs. I like this simple versatility in style. I will be making up a few tops to wear tucked into the skirt with the waistband fully open soon enough.


It was a quick make, a I am not even sure I can call it a “pattern hack” because I didn’t change much of anything. I love the speed (especially with my darling new coverstitch for hemming!) of this, and have about three Tiramisu skirts in my wardrobe already. And I plan to make another one in wool for fall!


What patterns do you (re)make time and time again? I love to see what patterns you enjoy!




PS: My garden is in full bloom in the background! If you follow me on instagram you get regular updates of my first garden’s progress too. Sew and grow, I say.



4 thoughts on “Tiramisu Skirt

  1. Dude, you didn’t even mention your hair! Are you that used to it already? (Or did you already blog about it and I forgot?) You look fab, and that skirt is a great idea. Nice work!

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