Follow My Friend “Crafting A Rainbow”!

My pal Gillian just moved to wordpress from Tumblr, a challenge unto itself. You should check her out here:

It’s rare that I suggest to my followers or readers that you do anything, but let me tell you why you should follow this awesome blog.

1. She does wonderful fabric review videos so you can learn a lot about online fabric options and stores.

2. Gillian also sews up all the current fashionable patterns, specializing in knits I think. Here is a Collette Myrtle she made in early August.

Crafting A Rainbow, Gillian, makes a Colette Myrtle

3. Gillian not only sews way more often than I do, but she posts regularly. I mean, like many times a month, with all types of not just self-serving posts like mine, but very helpful posts about how to sew things and what patterns work and have you seen her color palettes?

If you follow and read my blog and don’t yet follow Gillian of Crafting A Rainbow, you are missing out! She is not only a talented sewcialist, but a great online friend to have too. Check out her blog and, if you think of it, comment with a blog of someone you really enjoy that I could follow too!

– MaLora


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