Bike riding!

Spring is here! Summer is coming! I already have blisters and sunburns and sun tea is brewing in my yard. I couldn’t be happier.

Yesterday we spent most of the morning at the zoo and my toddler walked the zoo for 2 and a half hours! I was shocked.


The heron is getting cozy with penguins at Woodland Park Zoo.

He slept like a gentle giant, and afterwards we rewarded ourselves with some time gardening followed by a bike ride!


I love my giant. The cafe was nearly empty, as it was cloudy me cool in the late afternoons. I enjoy riding with him in the trailer, but long for a bike where we can talk together. Someday we will get a mid tail, I love the look of the Kona minute, I say “mini-ute” but my hubs tells me it’s “MinUte” and the edge runner has long been a desire of mine. Someday, someday soon I hope.

My sewing is not yet unpacked, but I couldn’t resist the Pattern Parcel this morning! I have long wanted the bombshell swimsuit, and the shorts pattern and knit tunic really caught my attention. I own zero shorts! What?! Crazy I know.

Leila posted about her own wardrobe shortfalls, and sewing up the gaps. I need to get my sewing unpacked so I can whip up some summer clothes now! And eventually, I have to buy the tania culottes. They are a bit pricey, but look so worth it for bike rides!

Hope you all and enjoying your own summer!

Ps: sorry I didn’t link to anything like Leila or the pattern parcel! I am posting from my phone until we have the Internet set up at our new place next week.

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One thought on “Bike riding!

  1. I’ve missed you on social media, but I know you are in the middle of so much unpacking and settling. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new sewing room! =)

    I’m probably going to get the culottes pattern this summer too. I already convinced a coworker she needed to buy it (and she did) so I’m sure I’ll be buying it right after I see the pair she makes and reeeally want some for myself.

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