Sewing for a little lady

I love sewing for my niece Nicole. She is a fiery little red head with the sweetest dimples you have ever seen. She lives in Kansas so I usually have to sew and hope it fits.

Today my whole family is in town for a wedding. So I am lucky to get to see her in clothes I have especially made. I choose a sweet little chintz dress in delicate pink, with silk-cotton bloomers. It is a little big, maybe even a lot big, but Nicole loves it and did a little dance in my garden to show me just how much. The dress is from an Ottobre pattern Marilen, and I adapted a pants pattern in the same magazine called Candy into these bloomers.




I am happy to share my favorite pattern to make for little girls. The rolypoly pinafore by imagine gnats patterns. It is a very quick make and a simple way to add a layer. I like it for an art smock or apron as well. In warmer climates you could pair it with shorts and no under shirt too. I just love it!



I love having a little girl to sew for. Thanks for reading and letting me share my family with you.



8 thoughts on “Sewing for a little lady

  1. Super super cute pattern. Nicole just happens to be so pretty … Everything goes together beautifully. So feminine … Pleasure to see. Thank you.

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