Sew Assessment! By Did You Make That


While I tend to fuss and fret regularly in my sewing room, it’s mostly my natural tendency to overthink. Recently I heard a phrase I want to adapt in my sewing adventures:

Progress Not Perfection

I am always learning something new. Every time I tackle a project it usually introduces me to a new technique, new fabric type, new pattern. I love this side of sewing. The learning!

Here is a little bit of my introspection about sewing, by

Top Three Items That I Wear For Home:
Jeans, tshirts, knit dresses

Top Three Items That I Wear For Work:
Jeans, blouses, “fancy” tops

Top Three Sewing Talents (go on, show off!):
Great with knits, attention to fine details, make comfy and fun and fashionable kid clothes.

Top Three Sewing Weak Spots (ouch!):
Fitting to self, precise hemming, fear of making mistakes.

Top Three Sewing Goals:
Learn to fit my own body, make myself a fit woven dress, make myself jeans!

Top Three People Who Enable Me:
Sewcialists, friends, family

Top Three People I Enable:
Friends, sewcialists, ?

Top Three Reasons I Can’t Sew:
Time, money, fear of failure

Top Three Reasons I Can Sew:
I love to see my kid in my makes. My kid takes naps and my husband gives me time to sew. I have stash fabrics!

Finish a woven fitted dress! Finally! For my own self!

And what have I learned about this? What I usually learn and re-learn! That I need to let go and relax about sewing for myself; that I need to accept that I get the most joy from sewing for others; that I need to just sew and practice until I make the type of things I want to wear. Mostly though, that I need to not let my own fears hold me back!

Take the time, answer these questions too! Share your thoughts with me: what do you think are your challenges and successes?


11 thoughts on “Sew Assessment! By Did You Make That

  1. My challenge this year is to learn to use paper patterns to make clothes for myself and others. I’ve bought a few patterns and some fabric, just need to get myself some time with the sewing machine. It’s definitely going to be ‘Progress not perfection’ to begin with!

    • You can do it! I love patterns and pattern alterations for others. Fitting my own body is a trick for yogis or contortionists. I inevitably stab myself with multiple pins. Remember to measure the flat patterns pieces against the body measurements of the person. Big 4 companies out in anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of ease!

  2. I saw Karen’s blog post yesterday about the Sew Assessment…it’s really interesting for a newbie sewist like myself to read about what sewing means to someone very experienced; their highs and lows, aspirations and challenges. I find it fascinating that you largely appear to sew for other people, particularly your little man, but sew far less for yourself. I’ve been like that for a long time..making gifts and projects for friends or home. I know I limit what I make for myself purely out of fear of failure, my attitude towards my own body, and high expectations!! That’s why blogging and reading other bloggers thoughts and experiences is such an enormous support in facing my challenges! So thank you for sharing. Kate x @thepolkadotroom. p.s. do you have a twitter account?

    • My attitude about my body isn’t healthy probably, and is why I sew mostly knits. I am in twitter as malora_ann. Let’s be sewing pals! Come find me! I do struggle with accepting that I prefer to sew for others because everyone I know sews mainly for themselves. I need to be gracious about my own needs more often. Thank you for reading!

      • Ah, but you have a great figure…you should make some more things for yourself even if it’s just knits! Nothing wrong with knits though…so comfy and some great patterns out there now…have you seen the recent Colette Moneta? or the Lady Skater dress by Kitschy Coo? I’ve just sewn my first ever knit which you can see over on my blog if you fancy a look…it’s the Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress. I found it a really great learning experience. Tell you what though, I still struggle with having to get the tape measure out for pattern sizes…the measurements still come under L,XL, 14, 16, 18 and so on…always reminding me that “you’re a big girl!” got to learn to ignore it!!! I’m going to go follow you on twitter my lovely! Definitely be sewing buddies. It’s been a very long time since I sewed little diddy things for my children as they’re 15,11 and 8 and not keen on made by mum anymore!!!
        Kate xxx

      • Thank you!! It was fun putting together the colour combo with the green..that’s the part of sewing I love…those little extras that give it a signature!

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