Hosh Pants for boys

I recently came across the Hosh Pants pattern that I have seen so many darling little girls in, I was excited to try this gender neutral pattern. The pattern calls for a button elastic casing, creating the ability to adjust the waist size. This is crucial for my little man. The more he grows tall, the thinner his belly gets. I can’t seem to keep track of his actual size, and will forever be chasing his height and width.

The pattern is so quick to make, it took one nap to trace, cut, stitch and viola! my little guy woke up to a new pair of pants.

I made a size 3t, but I added 1″ or so to the leg circumference from the cuff to the crotch, leaving the hips and bottom the same as the pattern. The pattern is as slim fit as it states, and these are the skinniest of skinnies I have ever put him in. I am so happy I added the extra width! My boy wears a size 10 shoe at 2 1/2 years, and fitting his foot through this skinny+1″ leg was challenge enough.

stretch denim Hosh Pants toddler jeans by bird and bicycle

The above is his hipster pose, as he shows the flexibility of these pants. The Hosh Pants pattern is rather nice, and with the use of a stretch denim (pattern requires stretch in the fabric) I found he could climb all over the place no problem. I love that he can have skinny jeans and still have maximum mobility.

Hosh Pants toddler jeans hand sewn with a tag by bird and bicycle

I had to add a tag in the back, as we are working on self-dressing. Independence for the win! Also, do I have giant hands or is my toddler’s behind just so tiny?

He wasn’t pleased with the photograph taking, and I may regret even using this picture, but he looks so posh in his Hosh Pants with his new shoes. If I had a darling little girl, I would make these pants in a stretch sateen or stretch animal print velveteen for sure.

Hosh Pants Toddler JeansI absolutely recommend this pattern to anyone sewing pants or jeans for little people. Absolutely follow the pattern’s suggestion of a stretch fabric, and be careful with the hem as it is a tiny, tiny cuff. Again, I added about an 1″ to the width of the leg, and it is easy to do so if you also want too. Just measure the girth of your kiddo’s thigh, measure the flat pattern, and make the appropriate adjustments. The pattern has only one piece so I added a little bit to each side of the pattern piece, to keep the seam line in place. With plenty of room in the backside and a capital waistband creation, it’s a top notch pattern! I love it!


PS: Thanks mom for the stash denim! Here are some of what would be called “outtakes.”

playing powerrangers in Hosh Pants

Playing Power Rangers with his “swords” we made, which incidentally, have been the cheapest and best toy of the year.

Climbing in Hosh Pants handmade by bird and bicycle in a stretch denim

Laughing and playing a new game we made up called “got you” which consists mostly of grabbing each other and laughing hysterically. Really, being a parent hasn’t ever been so good as having a toddler!


2 thoughts on “Hosh Pants for boys

  1. They look awesome! Very skinny on him – the ones I made my neice weren’t as snug in the lower leg… but then again, she sized as a 4t in width and 12 months in height, so that probably explains it! Hope you’ve got some more stash stretch fabric you can use! (And if not, I bet you could find women’s stretch jeans at the thrift shop and use them as fabric! Great job!

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