Excited to sew!

Sometimes all the good things I love about sewing come together, and the magic of it excites and incites me with boundless energy! It feels good to be making something for myself, even if I am only in the beginning stages.

Last year I promised myself a birthday dress but some latent postpartum depression had me fully in its grasp for most of the year. (Is it still postpartum with your kid is a toddler?) This year I was going to ignore my desire to try again, and made plans to sew a million other things this late April. But alas, my niece decided to set her wedding date for my birthday day, and I had a double whammy on my hands.

Some diving into my patterns and some slight research and comparison in my fabric stash and I realized I can either make a tiramisu dress by cake patterns in a black knit or a skirt and blouse in a few fabric choices. One shouldn’t probably wear black to a May wedding, right?

Tonight it’s almost 2am and I am half finished with a wearable muslin. Using up some old olive green suiting, I am making a Simplicity pattern skirt with simple lines and subtle flare. It’s a versatile pattern, and if it comes out as well as I hope, I am going to make an army of these skirts for my wardrobe in everything from summer challis to sexy charmeuse to winter wool suiting.


It’s such a refreshing and pleasant experience to have a project feel so right from the start. Especially as I had to had about 4″ to the hips, do a sway back adjustment, and take about 2″ off the waist. With 6 panels in the skirt, these adjustments made my head a bit crazy!

I hope you are all working on equally fulfilling projects! I hope to be able to show you a wearable muslin or formal skirt in a couple days!


6 thoughts on “Excited to sew!

  1. Glad to see I am not the only one that sews by moonlight. I find myself staying up later and later trying to get something done. I always tell myself I work better under pressure. Glad to hear your project is going well. Look forward to see your garment.

    • Thank you! To be honest I have finished the muslin and am surprised and frustrated to find it is still too big, and hangs rather unpleasantly on my waist and hips in the wrong areas. Back to the drawing board I guess!

  2. Hey, hope you are starting to feel better! I”ve had to take a little ‘holiday’ from blogging, sewing and sewcial media for a bit, but hope to be back now. I’ve now also missed out on sewalongs and goals I’ve set as well. But, you know what? if it’s not enjoyable for whatever reason, then a break or change is not a bad thing. Hope your skirt turns out beautifully!

    • I have noticed you have joined the “sewcial media” again recently. So happy to have you around again! Thank you for reading my blog! I do hope we can both find more time to enjoy our craft.

    • Thank you! I am going to have to rework the waist area as the muslin is just too big still. I amount of ease built into the garment is sometimes so crazy I need to be more careful about measuring. Can’t wait to see your make of this pattern!

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