Bicycle Bags

It happens to be the lovely month of April and the #30daysofbiking is almost half over! My nephew’s birthdays collided with this month just in time for me to do a little handmade gift giving. At 11 and 13, and just a few blocks from their schools and candy store, I am hoping they will ride daily once the weather is consistently nice. What better way to encourage riding than with new accessories? My husband/bike mechanic added tire levers and patch kits to these gifts for some added independence. It’s never to early to learn bike maintenance.


The bags are made from a simple grey corduroy, with a 2ply gortex lining for waterproofing. With reflective stripes on front and back, piping on the sides and webbing on top, I am adding some small amount of improved safety with these bags on their handlebars.


The bags are a great size and a quick make, even with the interlining, fusible stabilizers, and challenging circular seams. I am a bit curious about weight capacity, and hope to get positive feedback from my nephews as they fill them with soda and snacks on trips to the local store.


The bags are a great size. Roughly 10″ long with a 5″ circumference, they can hold quite a bit. They fit on my toddler’s balance bike as well as on my husband’s road bike, and don’t look too bad on either.


I am already planning my next version with some thin vinyl, more gortex, even more reflective fabric and piping, and additional reinforcements to the straps. I am not thinking about a serious travel bag that needs a brace, just a daily bag for necessities such as wallet, phone, repair kit, and keys. What do you carry with you on bike rides? Hope you are all enjoying the 30 days of biking! Seattle’s weather has been fabulous so I can’t wait to ride tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “Bicycle Bags

    • A simplicity one which I can’t find in my sewing room right now! But I don’t think you need a pattern. Make a cylinder, sew it up, add straps before you sew the round ends to the rectangle piece. 🙂

      • Thank you! You make it sound so simple lol. I defintely need one for my bike, then I’m sure the kiddies will want one too! I’ll have a go at making one 🙂

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