Stash Busting Duffel

My partner is a designer, and he likes his colors. He appreciates textiles and rather enjoys Echino fabrics. I purchased this linen with some coordinating denim to make us messenger bags in the beginning of our marriage, long before I knew that denim and linen would make terrible bicycle messenger bags in our rainy climate. I decided sometime in 2010 probably, to make us duffel bags for travel instead of matching messenger bags. I am happy to announce that I procrastinated my Ziggi motorcycle jacket and whipped up this long forgotten project instead!


The red vinyl is also from my stash, and the nylon webbing, zippers, and plastic hardware I purchased from the ever and always amazing Seattle Fabrics for less than $10. Since the pattern itself was free, I call this a stashbuster for sure! I used some stash twill for the lining in a dark teal, the same fabric I used for my Ziggi muslin, and will continue to use as I bought a whole bolt for $8 from a sidewalk sale!


The pattern I used is here, although I made some alterations. I lengthened the bag by 2″ because my zipper was longer than the pattern called for. It’s hard to find the correct length of zippers for bags locally. I also constructed the bag differently, creating raw seams around the circular ends on the interior of the bag. I encased them in bias binding. This created some bulky seams, but gives the bag a bit of needed structure.  I also used linen instead of a duck canvas, so I used some fusible heavy duty interfacing on the Echino fabrics. If I make this pattern again, I will increase the size of the vinyl, so it is more visible and more protective.


I hope you like this bag as much as I do! It feels good to get something done that will be used today! This bag is 2 feet long and should easily hold all provisions for my family for an over night trip.  Which is perfect, as we are headed out of town to visit my sister’s new baby chickens!

Special thanks to Stacey Sews for the twitter conversation and duffel bag pattern suggestions!


8 thoughts on “Stash Busting Duffel

  1. that is gorgeous, the fabric is perfect. I was just looking for a new travel bag today and baulking at the 100€+ price tags, I thought maybe I should try making something myself, this has me decided, I am going to check out that pattern!

    • The pattern is simple to follow, affordable to make, and can be as funky or fashionable as you want! I would be extra careful with the zippers though, as it was a bit tricky to get super straight lines with all those layers. I ended up using a walking-foot on my machine. If you make one, let me know so I can see it!

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