My first muslin – The Ziggi

My Ziggi moto jacket is slow in coming. I knew I wouldn’t be as fast at the fabulous people running the show, so I made a personal goal of making a muslin and making it fit perfectly before the sewalong was done. I am happy to say I am well on my way!

I had a snag or two along my way in making the muslin. The directions are sparse. I hadn’t used a StyleArc pattern before and I was quite surprised and anxious about this. However, after making it, maybe I am not the amateur sewist afterall?

My mistake came in rushing and ignoring this little piece of advice.
StyleArc Ziiggi motorcycle jacket pattern

See that, there? In the tiniest print possible (underneath my chicken scratch) it said something about lining up that arrow with the center seam on the jacket. Once I paid attention to the rules I was fine. Or so I thought!
Dun dun dun!

ziggi moto jacket handmade

I ended up sewing to left sleeves, and had to rip apart one and remake it. Which took me an extra nap time. Oops.

Today I finished my muslin! And I am pretty happy about the sizing. I made a size 16 and it fits pretty dang well. The muslin fabric is a poly twill, and is quite a bit stiffer than the wool I will be using.

Ziggi Moto Jacket handmade by me! Muslin of the StyleArc pattern

From the front view, I am pretty pleased. I was a bit quick on attaching the collar, so it is a bit crooked. I will be hand stitching in the collar and the set-in sleeves on my final jacket for sure. I hadn’t made set-in sleeves until this muslin – not so easy but also, not so hard. Really, you just line up the arrows. Be sure to make one left and one right sleeve though!

styleArc ziggi moto jacket handmade

I am a little less pleased with the side view. There is a lot of bulk in the lower arm of the sleeves. The back needs only the tiniest bit of tucking to help with my sway back fit adjustment. And the shoulders are wonky (or maybe my shoulders are wonky?) I can’t get a decent picture by myself of my ill fitting shoulders, but maybe I will get help later on so I can get advice from my sewing homies!

Overall I am pretty pleased! It probably came together in four or five hours counting my two mistakes, including tracing the pattern and cutting it. The stitching time took almost no time compared to prepping the pattern itself. I am excited to get the fitting adjustments on this one completed this weekend if I can. I just found out about a Seattle Sewing Guild that meets this Saturday! Maybe I can go and ask some strangers to help me nip and tuck and mark up this jacket a little bit? Or maybe I will get brave and try fit adjustments on my own! What do you think?

My musling of othe StyleArc Ziggi Motorcycle Jacket

OK I have about thirty minutes left of kid nap time, I am off to sew! Hope you like my Ziggi updates, there will be quite a few more!


4 thoughts on “My first muslin – The Ziggi

  1. It looks really great for a “first draft”! And I promise you that you aren’t as amateur as you think you are when it comes to sewing! Two-piece sleeves are a nice change of pace, don’t you think?

    Always take a mockup for fitting help if you can! Other people will teach you new things and have a more objective eye – it will be a learning experience for all. =)

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