I should be getting more done but…

I am procraftinating like crazy. The Spring Stitch Along with Wild Olive has my fingers sore from no thimble and tons of hexie making. I made about 30 over the weekend, 50 in total, and there are 200 or so to make before joining them all together. Luckily, this is a two no THREE month project. However, my coverstitch machine sits, untouched, even unpacked, and my Ziggi jacket needs some real attention. Craft guilt is something I strive to let go.


But it’s so hard to let things go sometimes. I have been grumptastic, and playing with my kid, and visiting family, and I topped off my weekend with a girls’ afternoon. We had amazing snacks (handmade bread, dill beans, parmesan crisps, cookies, fresh veggies and dips, and tons of tea and sparkling water) and fun conversation. There is nothing like four hours of no boys in my life to give me a retrofit in my sense of self.

This is when I think about gender split schools. I have friends who went to girl only university and sometimes daydream about how amazing that sounds. I digress.

It’s gorgeous outside and my kiddo sleeps. My neighbors are cooking something stinky and my fan is blowing to circulate the air. My Ziggi jacket calls to me and I fear fitting issues but I want to wear this handmade jacket so I must get my self into my studio and stitch and stitch and stitch.

Happy Monday you guys. For reals. Enjoy your day, whatever you are working on!

PS: Below is my Blue February make in a terrible selfie form. Yes, this is my fourth blue striped t-shirt I have handmade. I like blue, it seems.



4 thoughts on “I should be getting more done but…

  1. How much progress have you made on your Ziggi so far? I’m still tracing pattern pieces. I’m avoiding it because of fitting, too. I just need to do it!

      • I have some red felt leftover from a home decor project, so I’ll be using that. I need to just do it. Maybe we can do it together and keep checking up on each others’ progress?

  2. I’ve been having a lack of sewing motivation (outside of work) too. It will eventually come back. Don’t feel guilty – it’s supposed to be fun! =)

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