Spring Rain and Hexie Magic

My kid and I had an interesting day. As his language ability grows, so does my patience. They seem to be expanding at a similar rate. It is amazing to me his ability to explain things with gestures and minimal words.

Just the way he says “ok” has such emotion and intent.

Today was a day where we both woke up exhausted. A long weekend with driving and family adventures had us worn out Monday and Tuesday morning we weren’t any better. Preschool came and frustrations and joys ended with sweet potato fries and milkshakes. Home and snuggling on our couch/ugly old futon, I scooped him up and we slept.

And we slept and slept and we slept.

I woke to bright sunshine and a very sweaty little boy snoring very loud. A toddler snoring is adorbs you guys. For really.

Since he is sleeping, here I am, sharing my one accomplishment. Hexie Magic – my spring rain quilt! Well, project. It might be a quilt, one far far day in the future.


And here, is my fuel. My intent. My hexies to be.


For a little inspiration, I picked up one of these sweet sewing baskets. They have been on sale off an on since they arrived at Joann’s and I kept hinting to my husband. I finally sold a ton of fabric through the instagram Great Destash to get one for myself!


These sewing baskets remind me of the one I grew up with, a hot pink plastic wicker number from my grandmother or mother. It holds just about everything I need, and hopefully will encourage my hand sewing at night!



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