Sewing for tomorrow

It seems I am always sewing for tomorrow. I plan and pick and work, but when I am most happy is when I am working on something I will be working on again. Yesterday I cut out quilt squares for an hour, which I won’t sew together for weeks (maybe months?!) and the day before that I traced and cut three shirts which I will sew together eventually. The key, I have discovered, is for me to constantly have something easy, something hard, and something unknown for me to work on. Maybe even something with a deadline, which I rarely if ever actually meet.

I join sewalongs with vigor and then finish at my own sweet time.

Again, I sew at my own pace.

So I have two Deer & Doe Plantain’s cut and ready for me to serge, but I am nervous about learning my new coverstitch machine. I know I want to have at least a couple hours set aside to learn how to use this all-at-once, but my sewing time is regularly during my kiddo’s nap. Which means I have an hour here, forty-five minutes there. So I probably won’t touch these until a weekend.

I have my “wedding” quilt cut out and ready to piece together. It couldn’t be easier to do, but it sits because I know it will be a ton of work. I made up a pattern I can’t describe other than “rectangles that change direction” and it will be freaking huge “a generous queen” which I will probably have to have someone else use quilt with a long arm. (Can you suggest someone who does this well and affordably?) It’s in my super duper favorite fabric “Happy Mochi Yum Yum” by Happy Zombie (famous for her sense of humor, her awesome use of color, her Ron Swanson quilt!)


Then I have a huge pile of washed and ready wools for me to make myself some layers for biking in Seattle, to keep me warm layers. ideally some simple Renfrews or maybe my favorite big4 pattern which I never remember what it is but it is my favorite.

I have lots of keep me busy, as most people do.

But then my darling dear and forever favorite Shannon was all like “sew with me” and I was like “I don’t hexie” but then she convinced me with a Wild Olive pattern. So now I am starting a hexie EPP project which will actually be nice. I expect to drive my hubs nuts while we watch The Jimmy Fallon Show complaining about needles and hand cramps and pins and tiny tiny pieces. It will be lovely indeed!  A Nerdy Sewist is also on board, so you should also join us crazies. Sign up here:


Spring is almost here. It’s a balmy 40′ and sunny! Let’s ride bikes! And sew!

Oh! And I forgot about the ZIGGI sew along. I have really high expectations that I might actually be able to sew this advanced pattern because I will be relying heavily on you to help me. You’ll help me, right?



4 thoughts on “Sewing for tomorrow

  1. We are doing two things together!! The spring hexies are gonna be so fun and adorable! I am excited for the Ziggi, but still have no idea what fabric I want to use. I started tracing today. 6 out of 23 pieces done. It’s gonna take forever.

    • I just got the hexie papers and sewing needles. Pretty excited to use stash fabrics too! Can’t wait to see what your fabric will be – for both projects! For the ziggi I will be using wool, and hope it comes out wearable!

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