When I was younger I loved to write in pen. I felt, somehow, that writing in pen was permanent. Pencil was for the weak, the insincere, the foolish. I loved pens, thin and sharp, dark ink, no cap just a push button, most often a G2 Pilot. I loved office supplies and cotton paper stationary. I loved writing. The written word. I would spend hours writing notes at home, in class, and folding them and passing them to friends in school. Girlfriends, boyfriends. My first real love and I would exchange long hand written notes and he would draw the most impressive pictures but what impressed me was that he understood the value of words. Words, permanent words, in ink.

I have two tattoos, one easily visible, one you won’t ever see. Permanent ink.

Twenty plus years later and no one writes by hand much. The typewriter became the keyboard and digital publishing doesn’t require pens or pencils at all. Paper companies are out of business, the town and county I grew up in survived on a paper mill, now defunct. The people are hungry and need work. They need people with convictions. They need people with pens, with ideas, with words and a need for paper. Trees fall but not for the sharing of ideas anymore. Now we write on screens, on phones, on trains, even airplanes let you have the internet these days. Kids pass texts with phones and games. So much has changed and I still crave the wisdom I had at 14 – use a pen my past whispers. Write it down.

It is not waste if you mean to use it.

A motto I have loved lately I saw on Pinterest I am sure, though I have forgotten who wrote it (maybe I never knew?):

Start Where You Are
Use What You Have
Do What You Can

I haven’t forgotten my passion for writing. I haven’t misplaced it. I haven’t refocused my love for words. I just put it on hold so that I could learn to use my hands. I need to construct three dimensionally to heal some old wounds. And this leads me to the power of the digital world. The power of delete, control+z, shift+tab, backspace. This blog is about my adventures, mostly in sewing. It’s a passion I rediscovered sometime ago, and am trying to create a community. Since I write now with the ease of a simple delete key so tempting, I sew with the vigor of a person with conviction, with determination, with a passion for creation.

I want to be productive, but on my terms.

So welcome to this new:old blog. I write. I sew. I bike. I live.

Let’s see what shall come of this refresh.


9 thoughts on “Refresh

  1. Just a wee helpful tip for a person passionate about writing: re-reading your work can be far more helpful than relying solely on spellchecker.
    You have ‘what’ instead of ‘was,’ plural instead of singular, ‘shirt’ instead of ‘shift,’ compound instead of two words, and a bit of a mix up with punctuation as well as past and present tense in your final paragraph.

    I am not trying to be picky, just helpful. Feel free to delete my message, I would have written privately but I couldn’t find your email address on here.

    • Thank you so much Nessa. In my poor defense, I wrote well past my bedtime because I had the passion to do so. My typical “editor” was exhausted as well, and was annoyed that we weren’t watching tv and cuddling after our baby fell asleep. Ha! I actually did read it, and edit it, like four times.

      I do appreciate your very helpful note. I made most of the changes I could see, before I have really woken up or had any coffee. So hopefully next time my prose will be more on par with the standards of writing. I don’t want to break the rules unintentionally! šŸ™‚ Thank you!

      • Thanks so much for taking my message in the kindly manner it was meant!
        I too enjoy the world of reading and writing, and would never want to quash a fellow creative person, and only wanted to help.
        Sewing blogs are inspiring to read, no matter the quantity or quantity of sewing. It is so nice to connect globally with others who share our interests!
        Long may our writing and sewing inspire and challenge us!

  2. Beautifully written, and I hear and understand so much of what you are saying. I find myself failing to blog as much because I feel I need perfect photos and any tips/tricks I have I think “oh,but so and so already said that”. But then I realize I’m the second wave of sewing bloggers and there are others out there that may not know where to look. I need to stop doubting myself, really.

    I look forward to reading more of your writing.

    • Self doubt effects is all I think. I have chosen to start blogging again because I want to share and be shared with, I want to bolster conversations and hold myself accountable for my “promises” to complete projects like sewalongs and such. I want comments and readers so we can talk. I want friends essentially, who like what I like. Thank you for your words. I hope you can eradicate the self doubt and do what you really want to do. My free time is split between sewing and communicating and learning. Sharing is so important to help yourself and others! I look forward to hearing more from you!

    • Wait. Elizabeth! What? I didn’t recognize you with a wig and a fancy party dress! Although those might be some of your signature styles! You are so dang talented! Don’t feel the need to be an unattainable level of perfect – just share your makes and your dreams and your goals and your frustrations! Your level of sewing production is inspirational. I need to crank myself up to your gear.

  3. Wow, what a message! I find that my writing always turns out better when it’s in pen. Being a student, however, it’s often much easier to write in pencil so I can erase it (since I find myself making mistakes every so often and it looks wretched once I cross something out). Reading your post made me think of how the act of texting is taking over. I’d hate to see the day where greeting cards become obsolete because we’ve resorted to sending texts to our loved ones with a simple “Happy birthday”.

  4. I look forward to you new:old blog. šŸ™‚ I miss hand writing. It is fun to go back and see all the different styles I would use back in the day. I used to be so good with words, so descriptive. I miss that.

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